Archie Meets Batman '66 #4
Archie Meets Batman '66 #4 by Jeff Parker and Michael Moreci
Oh Golly, Batman!
This series is great for fans of both Archie comics and the Batman '66 show. Every issue has been done very well. This issue is more of a midpoint for the series. As issue 1-3 are a must to enjoy this issue; you will not be disappointed.
Bat Signals

The unthinkable has occurred in Riverdale’s Archie Meets Batman ’66 #4, crooks and thieves are running rampant and no one can stop them. As Gotham City’s worst criminals have set their sites on Riverdale, Batman sent both Batgirl and Robin to go undercover to find out what is happening in this town. Last issue Barbra, Dick, and the teens of Riverdale were having a groovy pool party at Veronica Lodge’s mansion.

Sadly, Jughead Jones wasn’t able to attend the event. As everyone believed he was sneaking into Pop’s Diner, he was actually being captured by the most villainous criminal in Gotham City: The Joker. What does the Joker have in store for Jughead? Well, let’s find out in Archie Meets Batman ‘66 #4.  

Bat-Plot In Archie Meets Batman ’66 #4

Archie meets Batman ’66 #4 begins with Batman rushing to Riverdale after a distress signal sent by Dick and Barbra. The comic then cuts to The Joker trying to bribe Jughead to join the crusade to take over Riverdale. When Jughead declines, the Joker decides to destroy Jughead’s mind by brainwashing him. As Dick and Barbara are at Riverdale High they begin to notice all the boys are acting strangely.

They are all infatuated with a new teacher at the school named Miss Kikta. Both Dick and Barbra see through the facade and know that this new teacher is actually Catwoman in disguise.

After a fight between Catwoman and brainwashed teens, Batgirl and Robin are defeated. They wake up tied to chairs in the same room as Jughead. They are also about to suffer the same brainwashing treatment. While the Gotham heroes are in peril, Batman decides to go undercover as Bruce Wayne to investigate Veronica’s father Hiram at a party.

When Bruce arrives he is greeted by Hiram, Archie, and almost everyone in Riverdale. Then, Hiram announces to the crowd at the party that there are big changes arriving in Riverdale. This leads to Hiram revealing his shocking new plan. Since this plan is revealed in Archie Meets Batman ’66 #4, readers will have to pick up Archie Meets Batman ’66 #4 to find out the shocking surprise. Just know that the cliffhanger at the end leaves everyone is a difficult situation. Wondering what Batman can do to save all the citizens in Riverdale.

The Joker Is A Maniac

Batman ‘66 is a very light-hearted series, with over-choreographed fight scenes. Usually, the villains throughout the television series would only do cruel things like scare bystanders. There would be a light cruel moment every so often but Batman and Robin would save the day. As the dynamic duo would tango with his villains weekly no villain was stronger than the other. As The Joker has been the Dark Knight arch nemesis, he was never that evil like he is in today’s comics.

This issue though slightly transformed Joker from a crazy villain into a complete manic. As the villain in the show would kidnap people, they never were tortured like Jughead. He makes Jughead watch a wind-up monkey playing cymbals for hours (maybe even a day). His plan is to turn Jughead’s mind to mush. Plans like this were usually saved for the dynamic duo, not a casual person. The scene is colorful and short, which, in turn, doesn’t make it seem too scary. But, if readers truly thought about this scene, it can be quite terrifying.

If the colors were darker this scene would fit right in with stories featuring The Joker today. This story is written quite well, but this scene skewed the character of The joker a little too far from how he was the 1966 show. Some may like this change, but it’s just a surprise for fans because this comic has stayed true to the characteristic each actor portrayed from the actual show.

A Little Too Smart

A scene that was a bit odd was the introduction of Miss Kikta. Both Barbara and Dick are informed by Kevin Keller and they automatically know that she is Catwoman. They think about it for a moment and then magically know its her. It’s understandable that these two heroes are very smart but to just find out someone’s identity by the name seems a bit off.

Both of the heroes have not even seen her. They get the hunch from a pretty woman and her name. If Miss Kikta was apart of the story in disguise as a teacher and then the duo figured it out that would actually make sense. This was sort of lethargic writing to have the characters know that Kikta was Catwoman by Kevin saying she has the boys wrapped around her finger.

Archie Meets Batman ’66 #4 Is Jumping Through Hurdles

With a few hurdles, Archie Meets Batman ’66 #4 nevertheless worked with moving the story forward. The story, in the long run, is being done quite well. The writers created a story that works paired with the original series. As I am a slightly confused with The Joker acting differently, it still works with the story being told. The scene with Miss Kitka still is bothersome because we are all smart but no one is that smart. I would have preferred a longer set up to then reveal the character. I am also surprised that Batgirl and Robin were caught so easily.

I hope in the next issue the duo finds a way to escape without Batman. It would be a great scene to show they can actually save themselves when they put their minds together. The writers put Riverdale in real big trouble, and it seems that Batman can’t do anything to solve the problem. As we wait to see the Dynamic trio, Archie and the gang come together, I hope the ending to this series is rewarding to all fans.

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