Holy, Here We Go Again Batman! — A Review of Archie Meets Batman ’66 #5

Archie Meets Batman '66 #5

Holy, Headache Batman! Archie Meets Batman ’66 #5 is back! All of Gotham City’s Villians have taken control of the adults in Riverdale. Now they are getting ready to take over the quiet town. Last issue readers were left with this cliffhanger wondering what would happen next.

Also, Jughead, Batgirl, and Robin are now all trapped in a death trap, and an odd signal appeared in the sky. What could this mean? Well, readers will find answers to this event and also find out what Villians have in store for Riverdale. Put on the crime-fighting masks and get ready to swing into Archie Meets Batman ‘66 #5.

The Plot of Archie Meets Batman ’66 #5

This chapter of Archie Meets Batman ’66 #5 starts where the last issue left off. There is a signal in the sky with the design of Jughead’s hat. As Archie and the gang are shocked and trying to figure out what is happening. Archie and his friends went to Mr. Wayne at the party to ask for help, but it’s too late Mr. Wayne is under the Penguin’s control like the other adults.

Before he is fully controlled, he tells Archie’s and the gang to go outside for help. Little did they know that this was just a ruse to get the kids outside so he could become the caped crusader. He begins by telling them that they should look for the source of the signal. Veronica decides that she should go with Batman while the rest go with Archie (a great scene in this issue). They find the signal’s source and bust through the door of the hideout where Jughead, Batgirl, and Robin are being held.

A Bat-Signal Away…

They begin to tell the gang that during the brainwashing Jughead happened to throw his hat on a signal. Batgirl then kicked the signal to shine out the window. During that moment, Reggie finds the villains’ plans for a new version of Riverdale. As they investigate, Batman finds Dilton Doyle chained up in a science lab. He tells them he was kidnapped to fix the town’s broadcasting systems to control all the adults. Batman sets the boy free and decides they should leave the hideout.

Spoiler Alert for Archie Meets Batman ’66 #5.

As they open the front door they are confronted by the Gotham villains and all the controlled adults. Batman orders Alfred to bring the Bat-Boat to them. Alfred remote controls the Bat-boat to save the Cape Crusaders and the teens. The boat arrives, Batman tells Robin and Batgirl to take the teens and get on the boat. Reluctant at first, Robin and Batgirl agree it is best. As they jump on the boat they look over their shoulders wondering where Batman is. They to find Batman in deep trouble.

Snatched Away 

The last issue of this series was executed extremely well. It set up a new mystery, leading readers wondering what will happen next. There was no doubt that there was more narrative to tell, but then this issue changed all of that. This issue of Archie Meets Batman ’66 #5, Batman and the teens find and save Batgirl, Robin, and Jughead. Everyone figures out the plans and they are all confronted by the criminals and brainwashed adults. It felt as if there was going to be a grand climatic fight and a solution was going to be found to save the adults, sadly nothing of this sort happened.

Readers are instead treated as a way to stretch the story. They are given a built-in follow-up to this moment only to have it snatched away. It would have been great to have a few more pages in this issue, but it just cuts this chapter of the story short to then show that the next issue will be its last, which is a letdown. There is so much more this series can do, and, hopefully, the climax is well worth it for everyone and not a flop.

Holy Headache, Batman!

There was a scene in this issue that was unsatisfying. Batgirl and Robin are more than sidekicks for Batman. They are smart, strong, and most of all, aid Batman when he needs it. In the 1966 show, these characters may have been goofy and slightly flawed, but they helped Batman get the job done.

As this could have been an opportunity to show how marvelous these characters are and get people to take a look at the 1966 series, this issue doesn’t do that. In the scene where Batgirl and Robin are trapped with Jughead, they are saved by Batman, Archie, and his friends. They are all still tied up and need help getting free. In the series, there was always a convenient way to escape. There could have been several ways to have Batgirl and Robin break free and begin looking for a way out of the hideout.

Making them still tied up when Batman comes and making them look helpless without the Cape Crusader, of course, isn’t true. It would have looked very comedic if Batman busts in to find them free just stuck trying to find a way out of the room. That would have made the scene better, which they needed to shine a signal out the window to alert Batman. As it would have been better, readers, in turn, perceived them as seeming weak.

Odd Origins

Speaking of the signal, the origin of it was poor. Jughead happens to move his head and his hat magically landed in the spotlight right next to Batgirl for her to kick. It was an odd explanation, especially for something that could have been somewhat bigger. There was hope that there was a better explanation or a beginning to a new mystery. A preference would have been a new mystery, since there is still an issue left in this crossover.

High Hopes For Archie Meets Batman ’66

This crossover has been long awaited, and fans of both properties couldn’t wait. Every issue has had both the charm of the 1966 show and Archie comics. Like most comics, there are speed bumps along the way, but, in the end, if the story is excellent, these insecurities can be ignored.

All the issues in this series so far have led us readers to seeing a great climax, and as this issue shows we will still have to wait. Archie Meets Batman ’66 #5 felt like it was written to be the end. Yet, when we get to the big moment it’s ripped away and you feel cheated because there is one more issue to go.

Also, I noticed that almost every comic cover leads to the moment that Archie meets Batman. He barely meets Batman in this issue and he is never in a Robin outfit. Archie and the gang have been mostly bystanders in this series and haven’t done much until this issue. Archie and Batman did share the spotlight more than before, but I hope in the last issue there are more scenes with them altogether. As we await the next and last issue, I still have high hopes. Even after this unclimactic issue, I hope that this series will end on a high note with something for everyone. Until next time, stay tuned to the next Bat-comic, same Bat-site.

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