High Speed! Free! Starting Days Film: What We Know So Far

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Fans of the popular swimming anime, Free!, are as excited as they can be for the release of the first anime film of the franchise: High Speed! Free! Starting Days, coming out in Japan on December 5th.

Kyoto Animation has just released its 9th video preview, this time focusing on the whole cast:

You can also find new special illustrations HERE.

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The film will follow the same events as the anime, with the main characters sharing their passion for swimming and competition, as well as having different objectives and ways of thinking in their friendship.

Yasuhiro Takemoto (The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya) will be in charge of direction, while Futoshi Nishiya will be back for character design and also serve as chief animation director. OLDCODEX will be performing the film’s theme song “Aching Horns”. The single will ship on December 16th.

Masahiro Yokotani, who served as head writer for the television anime, is credited with film’s story composition, while Maiko Nishioka is writing the actual screenplay. Other staff returning from the anime series are art director Joji Unoguchi, color key artist Yūka Yoneda, prop designer Seiichi Akitake, director of photography Kazuya Takao, sound director Yota Tsuruoka, and music composer Tatsuya Katou.

You can watch the official trailer here: