Just the other day, NetherRealm Studios did a full reveal event for their upcoming fighting game, Mortal Kombat 11. The event included gameplay footage, interviews with some of the people behind the game, character reveals, and an exclusive look at the game’s story mode.

Confirmed Characters And Arenas

Mortal Kombat 11
Credit: NetherRealm Studios

So far, eight characters have been confirmed. These include Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Raiden, Baraka, Sonya Blade, Skarlet, Shao Khan, Liu Kang, and Geras. Skarlet is a returning character from MK9, able to manipulate the opponent’s blood for gruesome kills. Geras, a character with some sort of time ability, was revealed during the stream.

If the open slots do not change, it would mean that the base game roster would be composed of 25 characters. However, both Injustice 2 and Mortal Kombat X launched with fake rosters, later revealing a total of around 30 total playable characters. Below is the arena select screen. While only two arenas were shown on stream, there are 17 total slots for the player to choose from.

Credit: NetherRealm Studios

Gameplay Changes

Credit: NetherRealm Studios

New to Mortal Kombat, there are now separate energy meters — one for defense, one for offense. Also, when either player reaches 30% health, the opposing player may have the chance to strike a “fatal blow.” If the fatal blow is landed, it will activate an x-ray attack that will kill the opposing player.

Character Customization

Credit: NetherRealm Studios

Similar to Injustice 2, players will be able to customize many aspects of their favorite characters. Everything from the gear to the fatalities will be player customizable. Loadouts and variations can also be renamed for further playing pleasure.

Credit: NetherRealm Studios

The gear in MK11, while it can be cosmetic, will usually serve a more practical purpose. Players can create an endless amount of their own combinations, whether it be damage, speed, or defense. Like Injustice 2, it’s expected that gear will be randomly dropped from battles, story mode, and loot boxes.

Credit: NetherRealm Studios

Story Mode

Developers confirmed beforehand that the MK11 storyline will take place after the events of the MKX story, with Raiden now corrupted by Shinnok’s amulet. Kronika, the new villain, the keeper of time, believes Raiden has upset the order of the universe and has come to correct it. This makes two characters so far that have the ability to manipulate time, the other being Geras.

If Injustice 2 was anything to go off of, Kronika may be playable after beating her in the campaign.

Trailers And Behind-The-Scenes

There were a total of five trailers that premiered on-stream. Also shown was a behind-the-scenes video. For further reference, please see below:

  • Gameplay reveal – The first trailer shown on stream. Includes a brief overlook at most of the aspects of the game.
  • Fatalities trailer – A look at the most iconic feature of Mortal Kombat, the fatalities.
  • Story prologue – The prologue to MK11’s campaign and aftermath of MKX.
  • Sonya Blade reveal – Gameplay of Sonya Blade with an interview with her voice, WWE and UFC Superstar, Ronda Rousey.
  • Geras reveal – Gameplay, fatalities, and x-ray moves of newcomer Geras.
  • BTS look – Developer insights detailing what players can expect in MK11.

Exclusives And The Kollector’s Edition

Credit: GameStop

Wherever games are sold online, MK11 will be there. Players who preorder will receive Shao Khan as a bonus, as well as beta access to the game. GameStop is currently selling the Kollector’s Edition of MK11 for $299.99, which includes the premium edition of the game, with an exclusive steel case, and a real-life model of Scorpion’s mask.

NetherRealm’s latest game will release worldwide on April 23rd. The game will be available on PlayStation, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch. Any fan of fighting games should really watch this successor to the 2015 winner of the Best Game Award.