Cosplay for a Cause (CFAC) is a group of cosplayers using their passion for cosplay to raise money for charity.

In the past two years, CFAC has already raised over $40,000 for different charities such as the Japanese Red Cross, the American Red Cross, USO and the Philippine Red Cross. This time, their focus is on animal rescue and so 100% of the profits raised from their 2017-2018 calendar will go to the Wildlife Conservation Society.

This 17-month calendar will include never-before-seen photos shot specifically for this year’s project all across North America. Each month will feature one of their cosplayers as a superhero posing with a live animal, along with an original sketch by one of their five artists. When fully opened, the calendar’s measures are 11”x 22”.

Note that the calendar will have a limited release, so hurry up in pre-ordering yours!

You can pre-order your Cosplay for a Cause Calendar HERE.

You can also follow ‘Cosplay for a Cause’ on Twitter for more updates and calendar previews, or contact them for any questions here.