Hell Battles Heaven In Lucifer #12

Lucifer #12, Cover

Lucifer’s quest from the previous issue, to find a home for Sycorax, has not gone as he has planned. With stops in the underworlds of the Norse, Greek, Egyptian gods, and many more. None have been to the satisfaction of Lucifer. In Lucifer #12, Lucifers journey is sidetracked when he returns to Caliban, who is poisoned from eating an angel. Dan Watters has a dozen issues with his run and the intensity and thrill have climbed with each issue. The tension between Heaven and Hell has been an enjoyable story to follow in the first year of this run.

Lucifer #12 (DC Entertainment).
Lucifer #12 (DC Entertainment)

Watching Lucifer travel to different underworlds, and his interactions with the Gods of each of them has given us some of the best moments in this series thus far. Lucifer’s quirky and sarcastic tone is a great source of humor when interacting with these serious Gods. Much like his father, Caliban is struggling himself. After eating Raguel’s favorite Cherub in Lucifer #11, Caliban is poisoned.

Tensions Rise Between Heaven & Hell

Throughout the first dozen issues, there has been a slow-burning of tension between heaven and hell. When Lucifer returns to Earth, he finds Caliban is dying from eating the Cherub. However, Sycorax and Thessaly, who are also on Earth, have discovered that Samson has revealed their location to the angels.

Lucifer #12: Page #4, Sycorax and Thessaly talk with Samson.
Lucifer #12 (DC Entertainment)

As the issue progresses everyone surrounds the poisoned Caliban, and Raguel believes to see good in Lucifer, who seeks help for his son. But once Mazikeen reveals to Raguel that Caliban is only sick because he ate Raguel’s favorite Cherub, Raguel snaps. The story ends with a final page shocking twist, which looks like it will be the beginning of a brutal war between Heaven and Hell. Lucifer #12 is another exceptional book by the team, and the storylines and characters have been a joy to read. The only complaint I have is that it feels like the story is dragging on a little bit. The story has been great, I just believe they could have gotten to the end a bit sooner.

The Art Team Of Lucifer #12

The art team on this book, led by Max Fiumara and Dave McCaig, have been putting out a consistently high product with each issue. One thing I have been impressed with the most is the diversity from panel to panel. With Lucifer exploring a multitude of different underworlds, Fiumara excels at giving each location its own aura. Essentially, making the location another character in the book.

Lucifer #12: Page #1, Samson commits suicide.
Lucifer #12 (DC Entertainment)

The creative team of this book has been a huge success over the first year of the run. The pairing of art and dialogue has made this book one of the best being released right now. Lucifer #12 is just another magnificent issue to add to the collection of this run. Let’s hope there are a lot more issues to come with this team at the helm.

What Does Lucifer #12 Bring?

I feel like a broken record at this point in my praise for this book. The entire series thus far has been phenomenal. Short of the pace of the story being a bit slow, there is not much to complain about. The story and all the side characters have been great. And of course, Lucifer is written perfectly and it is hard not to love him. As a fan of mythology, it is fun to see Lucifer explore all of the different underworlds and interact with their Gods.

Whether it’s the Norse underworld or the DC Universe Martian underworld, it has been great. The war between Hell and Heaven is on the horizon and it is exciting to think about what will come next with the team. Lucifer #12 is definitely worth picking up and adding to your pull list.

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