Blizzard Entertainment’s online card game, Hearthstone, will be receiving its second expansion release of the year on August 7th. Coined as The Boomsday Project,” the 135 card release will be based on World of Warcraft character Dr. Boom and Outland zone, the Netherstorm. This will be the first Hearthstone expansion since “Goblins vs Gnomes” that will focus on the mech tribe.

“Magnetic” & The New Spider Bomb

Spider Bomb

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

With the new keyword, “magnetic,” mechs played from hand will merge into a new minion on the board. Similar to “Zombeasts,” combining mechs will add their health, attack, abilities, and possibly mana costs to each other.

Hearthstone YouTuber, RegisKillbin, stated in his card review that

“A three mana 2/2 ‘buff’ is not… the most amazing thing in the world, but with that deathrattle on top of it, that’s pretty darn cool.”

Benefiting Both Players: “Projects”

Biology Project

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

“Projects,” the new type of spell being introduced in the expansion, will benefit both players in a similar if not equal way. Mana ramping is not unseen in the Druid class and during the Taverns of Time event, a similar card was used with an added bonus of drawing two cards.

Brian Kibler, a game developer and veteran community member of Hearthstone, said in an Omnislash Livestream that

“It’s pretty crazy to me that this is a card that ramps two [crystals] and gives you mana… This giving you free crystals is outrageous.”

Defense & Offense With Omega Cards

Omega Defender

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Another new type of minion, “Omega” cards will get an upgrade if played from hand with ten mana crystals. These cards could pair well with magnetic mechs on turn ten, but would probably see more play in decks like Ramp Druid.

Kripparian, a Hearthstone YouTuber famous for his Arena runs, insisted in his review video that

“At a base, it is just kind of a decent card… this card is just absolutely insane when you reach that critical mana crystal amount, making that Druid card we just saw potentially a lot better.”

Cast Spells Twice With Electra Stormsurge

Electra Stormsurge

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

The only legendary minion revealed so far, Electra Stormsurge will cast the next spell twice. Overload effect also stacks, as seen on this demonstration video. Decks with this minion will probably have cards like Lightning Storm or Healing Rain to synergize with the card’s battlecry.

Zalae, a professional Hearthstone player for Omnislash, claimed in a livestream that

“This card’s OP man. 3 mana 3/3s don’t need to do too much, casting an extra spell is a lot. So, imagine I play this on 8 mana with a Volcano, an ideal 27 [damage] to the board or I play this on 6 mana with a Far Sight…”

For Desperate Situations: Myra’s Unstable Element

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

The first legendary spell since quests, Myra’s Unstable Element will draw until the player’s hand is full, then burns the rest of the deck. Each class will reportedly be getting one legendary spell.

Omnislash gamer, Firebat, indicated during a livestream that

“the percentage of… where you can cast it and its effect not be potentially detrimental is very low.”

Dr. Boom Returns As A Warrior Hero

Dr. Boom Hero Card

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Teased in the reveal video, the Warrior class will be getting a hero card this expansion. Similar to Hagatha the Witch in the Witchwood expansion, Dr. Boom is expected to be the only hero card this update. This will make two renditions of Dr. Boom in Hearthstone. Previously, the character spawned 1/1 Boom Bots that dealt damage when killed.

Ben Brode, Hearthstone, & The Boomsday Project

Ben Brode

Credit: Forbes

Earlier this year, Blizzard Entertainment lost its Hearthstone game director, Ben Brode. Brode previously stated in a Wired interview that the Hearthstone team generally works three expansions ahead. So although Ben’s influence may still be on The Boomsday Project, this will be the first expansion launching without Brode on the team.

The Boomsday Project Launches August 7th

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard is currently selling pre-orders of packs for The Boomsday Project on the Battle.Net website. For the first time in Hearthstone, there is also going to be a “mega” bundle for $79.99, which includes 80 packs, an exclusive card back, and a new Warlock hero: Mecha Jaraxxus. Alternatively, there is also the regular $49.99 for 50 packs.