HBO® Asia Original FOLKLORE Series Set To Premiere Feb. 1st!

There used to be a podcast I would listen to about lore all around the world, literally called, Lore. The series is now on Amazon Prime, but before it was on Amazon, it was a podcast about Lore. It spooked you, made you a little frightened of the unknown, and the host has a voice that could give you chills. HBO® Asia Original FOLKLORE series is set to premiere Feb 1st. The series will be based on different myths and superstitions from six countries in Asia, each of the six episodes will be an hour long and helmed by a different director. HBO® Asia first original horror series will be on HBO NOW®, HBO GO®, HBO On Demand and any partner streaming platforms as well.

HBO® Is Ready To Present FOLKLORE

The series is the latest program to be made available to U.S. subscribers of HBO. It joins MISS SHERLOCK from Japan, GOLDEN LIFE from Hungary and THE SILENT VALLEY from Romania, which were already available to stream. FOLKLORE will feature six Asian countries including Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

FOLKLORE will be based on the country’s deeply-rooted myths and folklore, it will feature supernatural beings, occult beliefs, and the series will be helmed by a director who is from the country being featured. The series will also be filmed in its country’s language. FOLKLORE seeks to modernize Asian horror, showcasing different brands of horror and societal dysfunction. They are doing so in a manner that is specific to each of the countries but possessing themes that resonate around the world.

The Episodic List For FOLKLORE

Episode #1: “Folklore: A Mother’s Love”
Directed by: Joko Anwar (Indonesia)
A single mother and her young son discover a group of dirty, underfed children living in the attic of a mansion. In saving them and returning them to their families, she has unknowingly snatched these children from their adoptive mother — Wewe Gombel — and must now beware of her vengeful wrath.

Episode #2: “Folklore: Tatami”
Directed by: Takumi Saitoh (Japan)
A crime writer returns home to attend his father’s funeral and begins to experience constant flashbacks of his childhood. He then discovers a secret door in the house, which leads to a room that hides a horrifying secret from his family’s past.

Episode #3: “Folklore: Nobody”
Directed by: Eric Khoo (Singapore)
Pontianak was awakened when a foreman and a construction worker attempted to bury the body of a dead girl instead of burning her, followed by a series of unfortunate events at the construction site.

Cont’d: The Episodic List For FOLKLORE

Episode #4: “Folklore: Pob”
Directed by: Pen-Ek Ratanaruang (Thailand)
A journalist meets with Pob, a Thai ghost, who confesses to a murder. Finally finding an outlet for the complaint, Pob explains how the murder happened and requests that his story be published. However, the journalist declines and the two make a deal of a lifetime.

Episode #5: “Folklore: Toyol”
Directed by: Ho Yuhang (Malaysia)
A Member of Parliament (MP) from a fishing town turns to a mysterious woman who possesses shamanistic powers in order to improve his town’s dire economic situation. She fixes all his problems and the two soon become lovers. However, the woman has a dark secret that threatens to destroy his life.

Episode #6: “Folklore: Mongdal
Directed by: Lee Sang Woo (Korea)
A mother tries to appease the moods and demands of her borderline psychopathic son. When a new girl comes to town, the son falls quickly and deeply for the new girl. He is then determined to win her, over possibly even against her will. When things take a tragic turn. His mother will stop at nothing to make her son happy. Even if it means finding a bride to join him in the afterlife.

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