FANFIC FRIDAY: Harry Potter Hurt/Comfort Fic Recs

Harry Potter Hurt/Comfort

Hello, fanfic readers!

For this week’s Hurt/Comfort, we asked you to choose among different YA movies. Harry Potter was the clear winner, must be the Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts hype! Enjoy these 10 Harry Potter Hurt/Comfort fic recs!

A Year Like None Other

By: aspeninthesunlight
Summary: A letter from home? A letter from family? Well, Harry Potter knows he has neither, but all the same, it starts with a letter from Surrey. Whatever the Durleys have to say, it can’t be anything good, so Harry’s determined to ignore it. But then, his evil schoolmate rival spots the letter and his slimy excuse for a teacher intercepts it and forces him to read it. And that sends Harry down a path he’d never have walked on his own. It will be a year of big changes, a year of great pain, and a year of confronting worst fears. It will be a year of surprising discoveries, of finding true strength, of finding out that first impressions of a person’s true colours do not always ring true. It will be a year of paradigm shifts. And from the most unexpected sources, Harry will have a chance to have that which he has never known: a home … and a family. A sixth year fic, this story follows Order of the Phoenix and disregards any canon events that occur after Book 5.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Gen – Adoption, Mentorship, Magical theory, Severitus-inspired, Self-harm, Disability, Canon Disabled Character, Blindness, Angst, Emotional Hurt/Comfort
Words: 790,169

Time Heals All Wounds

By: playout
Summary: Harry is a Healer with a savior complex. Draco is a newly-widowed single father. And Scorpius is the child who will bring them together.
Rating: Mature – M/M (Harry/Draco) – Minor Character Death, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Kid Fic, Slash, Friends to Lovers, POV Alternating, More Fluff than Angst 
Words: 17,974

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

By: IamShadow21
Summary: Questions asked, questions unasked, secrets told and secrets kept, trust, devotion, empathy and love. Ron and Harry’s friendship, from that first day on the Hogwarts Express, right through until after the Battle. Can be read as a friendship fic, or a ship fic. It’s open to interpretation.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Gen – Canon Compliant, Canon-Typical Violence, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Canonical Child Abuse, Friendship, Protectiveness, Gen or Pre-Slash, Platonic Cuddling, Platonic Kissing, Touch-Starved, POV Ron
Words: 3,761

Not By Duty Are We Bound

By: Dreaming_of_a_Bright_Sky
Summary: Draco Malfoy has saved Harry’s life so many times that it’s joked about (and even bet upon) by the Aurors Harry works with. When Harry finds out how and why, it forces him to see a reality that he’d been blinding himself too.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – M/M – AU, Soul Bond, Hurt/Comfort
Words: 17,176

Shade of the Morning Sun

By: MidniteMarauder
Summary: It’s Boxing Day, 1977, the morning after the full moon, and Lily accidentally finds out about Remus’ ‘furry little problem’.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Gen, M/M – MWPP Era, Hogwarts, Friendship, Romance, Hurt/Comfort
Words: 3,775

Moment of Impact

By: suitesamba
SummaryAn accident the summer before 6th year puts Dumbledore’s plans for Harry in motion sooner than planned. Will an unexpected truce with Snape better prepare Harry for what is to come? A Snape mentors Harry fic with all the regular players, a cottage by the sea, and the righting of past wrongs. This story, while AU after OOTP, follows canon as closely as possible. It is the first story of a completed five-story arc beginning the summer after Harry’s fifth year and ending at the end of the “eighth” year.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Gen – Angst, Canon Character Death, Severitus, Mentor, Hurt/Comfort
Words: 107,599

Bless My Heart And Bless Yours Too

By: HawhornSparks
SummaryFourth year at Hogwarts, Pansy and Blaise notice that something is wrong with their best friend, and set about planning a way to make him happy.
Rating: General Audiences – F/M, Gen – Romance, Drama, Angst, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort
Words: 3,260

Baby In A Box

By: Sita_Z
SummaryEvery year on Christmas, Harry wants to hear the story of how he arrived at Spinner’s End… in a box.
Rating: General Audiences – Gen – Child Abuse, Neglect, Major Character Injury, AU-Canon, Father-Son Relationship, Snape Adopts Harry, Kid Fic, Christmas, Hurt/Comfort
Words: 10,071

Welcome Home

By: orphan_account
Summary: After escaping Azkaban, Sirius goes to find his godson.
Rating: General Audiences – Gen – Prisoner of Azkaban AU, AU-Canon Divergence, Godfather!Sirius, Hurt/Comfort, Fix-It
Words: 6,311

On Youth

By: The_Bookkeeper
Summary: Teddy Lupin grows up. So does Harry. Moments, conversations, and a new world unfolding.
Rating: General Audiences – Gen – Family, Raising Teddy, Disabled Character, LGBTQ Character, Hurt/Comfort, Parent-Child Relationship (kind of)
Words: 1,716

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