A Monthly Kawaii Box At Your Front Door!
Kawaii Box is a great box that sends you cute Japan-trinkets. Whether it's a plushie, sticky notes, or corn snacks - it's all right here in a monthly box!

If you didn’t see our previous Japan Box review, go check it out. The giveaway is now completed, but Diane Dang – our wonderful The Daily Fandom writer – did a review of the Japan Box. That connects with the Kawaii Box we are going to review and do a giveaway for as well.

Today, we had a Halloween themed Kawaii Box delivered to our front step. “Kawaii Box” with big pink letters covers the cute little mini box from Kawaii Box. Right off the bat, what is wonderful about this box is that it is tiny enough to fit inside of a mailbox. So, if you are worried about the size of the box, it is definitely the cutest little size to fit inside of a mailbox.

It took about 2 weeks to get to our place, but we live in the United States. The box is coming all the way from Japan, such as the Japan candy box as well. But, we did receive it well before Halloween which was an extreme plus. Customer service is a delight, they respond quickly and are always there to answer any questions you have. The tracking code can be a bit hard to figure out but don’t hesitate to ask them, they are a pleasure to talk to!

What Comes In The Charming #KawaiiBox

The Kawaii Box is Halloween themed this month, so we got a ton of cute little Halloween themed plushies, and the like. What we got in our box were two keychain plushies, one full plushie in the shape of a ghost holding a pumpkin, a cute little double-sided mirror, a piece of Halloween corn snack treats, a stationary set that comes with pencils, erasers, a ruler, etc., and a pack of stickers, sticky notes, tabs, and a wallet attachment for your phone.

All of this is shown to you in a cute little brochure they give you containing everything you get. Since it is all in Japanese, this helps a ton!

The Pros/Cons To The Kawaii Box

While the Kawaii Box is Halloween themed this month, not everything is. We enjoyed that because if everything was Halloween themed, it would be kind of overwhelming. These are cute little trinkets that we can have year-around, plus the cute Halloween squishy/plushie can be used year around too. It all ended up working out for the best.

Sadly, we wished the box was Halloween themed. It is just pink with pink lettering (as seen above). That would have put it over the top with the decorations. However, we don’t mind that it is in regular pink lettering. The box is adorable regardless. And, while we didn’t want too much Halloween, it would have been just enough to have the front box.

Nonetheless, that did not change our humble opinion of the box. We still loved every aspect of it and every cute little treat we got. The box is absolutely adorable. You get enough to last you the entire rest of the month. You can use the cute little keychain plushies throughout the month. The corn snacks can be used on Halloween (and earlier).

You can even play with the squishy year-round. The sticky notes, tabs, and stickers can be used in your planner, on your binder, or even on your personal journal. Everything is laid out in a way that perfectly fits in the box. So you can put it right back in and save it for later as well.

So, How Much Does It Cost?

The Kawaii Box has monthly, 12 month, or 6-month plans. For monthly is it 19.90 US, for 12 months it is 17.90 US, and for 6 months it is 18.90 US. The total for a whole year would come out to 214.80 US and you get free shipping on all packages and boxes. This is something that even other boxes don’t come with. Coming all the way from Japan with free shipping is an amazing pro to the box plans, no matter how much you end up spending. 

These boxes are without a doubt adorable. You get a ton of cute, whimsical items for such a low price. What more could you want? We are giving away one free Kawaii Box to a The Daily Fandom reader. If you want to get a free box, sign up below. We can’t wait to announce a winner!