‘Haikyuu!!’ Compilation Film Teaser Streamed


CinemaToday has started streaming a teaser video for Haikyuu!!‘s first compilation film called ‘Haikyuu!! the Movie: Ending and Beginning’.

Hinata: The view from the top.
Text: While aiming for the view from the top, which they could not witness alone…
Hinata: It’s a view I can’t see alone.
Text: The boys connect it to the ball.
Hinata: Then, if I’m not alone.
Text: The new generation sports youth anime, with 14 million copies of the manga in circulation…
Man: When you hit a wall, it’s a chance to go through it.
Text: …will heat up cinemas!
Man: Let’s go!
Man: It’s not me that’s strong…
Text: The showdown of destiny begins!
Man: Now then.
Man: …it’s everyone.
Man: Let’s take this back.
Hinata: Toss it! Give it to me!
Text: Gekijō-ban Haikyu!! Owari to Hajimari
Man: This is connecting.

(Translation by animenewsnetwork)

The film will come out on July 3rd and will be followed by a second film (‘Haikyu!! the Movie: Winners and Losers) on September 18th.


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