Guilty the Web Series is not just about feeling guilty, as one would expect. It is funded, written, and produced by three wonderful women. The series is about Catholic guilt, and learning/going through life as a twenty-something city dweller. It is about more than just that, though, it is also about coming to terms with the hypocritical lessons we learned as kids.


Everyone knows once you hit twenty everything changes and you realize just how much was false, entirely. Aside from the seriousness, it is also hilarious — so, I can attest it is funny and serious at the same time, creating a good balance of both.

But… Wait… There’s More!

The web series is based around Chicago and makes you wonder what is being “good.” Religion teaches you how to be good, yes, but was that all a facade? Is sex meant to be for fun? love? or procreation? Toying with your conscious and wondering if what has been known to be right is really right. If you give food to the homeless, can you take a bite first? Would the outcome be just the same? Can you skip mass for a brunch mimosa?

Guilty the Web Series is about more than just coming of age. It is about adulthood, learning to navigate the give and take of the biblical morals and social etiquette. More importantly, it is about showing you how to become more comfortable living outside of the Catholic bubble. Growing up Catholic is one thing, but as you get older do you still have to follow the regimen you had when you were a child?

Guilty the Web Series teaches you all just that. They have two seasons so far that you can watch on YouTube or their website. There are eleven episodes in season 1, and 8 in season 2. This web series is meant to be for our adult, twenty-something audience that understands the struggle of finding oneself.

The episodes are about two minutes long, so by the time you know it you’ll be done!

The Verdict

Even if you are not religious and do not practice religion, this could hit home for simply twenty-somethings feeling lost. We all feel lost, and this show compliments that perfectly. These gals are wonderful, they created and wrote something wonderful and you all wonderful people should give it watch and fall in love with it as I did.

They have also been accepted to NYTVF in October, so look out for more!