Grey’s Anatomy “You’re My Home” Recap/Review

“What’s broken can be mended. What’s hurt can be healed.”  Well, almost.

WARNING: This review contains SPOILERS


Last night’s Grey’s Anatomy season finale left one relationship in jeopardy, with a surprising ending to the season.

It seems like April and Jackson are on the rocks. April has finally found her true calling; unfortunately, it’s overseas. But, Jackson’s been bottling up a lot of emotions the past year or so. While she went away and had what he calls a “life-altering journey,” he was stuck home trying to deal with the loss of their son all alone. To make matters worse, she didn’t ask him how he was, how he was coping. April apologizes, but it’s definitely too late at this point. So, now he’s giving her an ultimatum: leave and break up, or stay and try to make it work. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what will happen to these two in season 12. I definitely don’t see how April staying and trying to make things right with Jackson is going to make them both happy, though. She’ll probably feel some kind of anger towards Jackson that he made her choose between someone that she loves and doing something that she loves. But, on the other hand, if she goes overseas she stands to loose the one man that she loves. Near the episode’s end we see Arizona comforting a crying April. Is April really going to leave? Is this the end of April and Jackson’s relationship?

Alex and Jo, however, are making progress. Alex gave this adorable “I want to have all this and maybe a dog” with you speech AFTER delivering the news that he wants Meredith and the kids to move into their house. As you can imagine, Jo isn’t too happy about this. So, she goes and puts all that she has into this loft (that, according to Alex, looks like a crime scene). She hopes that he can pitch in something, too. And judging by the kiss they share following her proposal, he wants to live there with her (and maybe, a dog).

Catherine and Richard had this huge fight in front of what could be the whole Grey-Sloan staff and, for most of the episode, it seemed like the wedding would be off. Meredith pulls the “dead husband” card and tells them to get their shit together and to be thankful for what they have. “There will never be enough time… And you both know that.” she says. The couple, however, do make up in the end. Catherine puts her engagement ring back on, gets married to Richard and has the wedding reception at Meredith’s soon-to-be old house.

Meredith gave Amelia her old cell phone, which only had one voicemail on it. She tells her to  “make sure you’re alone when you listen to it.” Amelia choose to listen to it at the wedding reception, but she’s not alone. Owen sits next to her, and they listen to the voicemail together. It’s Derek calling from a ferry, the last ferry ride he took before he died. “It might be the most perfect ferryboat ride I’ve ever had in my entire life. I love you. I love our family… I’ll see you when I get home.”


“Are you okay?” Owen asks her, to which she responds with a tearful smile. She’s finally okay. Going forward with season 12, I’m looking forward to the moment when these two FINALLY  proclaim that they have this undeniable spark and that they’re ready to start a relationship. It’s pretty damn obvious (at least, to me) they’re perfect for each other. I also hope to see more storylines where Amelia can showcase her sense of humour.

[But on a totally unrelated note, Caterina Scorsone is a phenomenal actress. Her emotional breakdown in “She’s Leaving Home” had be bawling. She is just so good at acting and Amelia is one of the few characters who can make me cry and she’s so well rounded and just UGH HOW ARE YOU SO GOOD She’s just simply amazing in every scene. If it wasn’t for her, these past few episodes would have felt like some cheesy asian drama. #SorryNotSorry ]

The season ended with Maggie, Amelia and Meredith “dancing it out” the way Meredith and Christina use to do it. The episode ends with a black-and-white shot of Meredith dancing.

With season 11 over, I find myself eagerly awaiting season 12. But, knowing Shonda Rhimes, she’s most certainly going to take us for another emotional roller coaster ride. I really just hope no one gets killed off. McDreamy’s already gone. I don’t think my little shipper heart could handle another character death. I was definitely surprised with how season 11 ended though. The last few seasons have ended with tragedies or plot twists (plane crashes, Maggie’s arrival, explosions, etc). But, with Derek’s sudden death just a few episodes ago, I wasn’t sure if the finale would hold another massive twist. But, nothing. Zilch. The finale didn’t really feel much like a season finale (more like a series finale, to be quite honest). I’m at peace with how it ended though. It showed how everyone was moving on, whether it be together or because they’re heading in new direction altogether. As for where the viewers will be taken in the new season, it seems like anything could happen at this point.

“No matter how dark it gets, the sun is going to rise again” -Meredith Grey

Now, I must go and “dance it out”, Meredith-Christina style.

Some Final Thoughts:

-Hunt can reach his toaster from his toilet?!?!


Update: I found the version of “How To Save A Life” on youtube. There’s something about Nilu’s voice that makes me repeat the song over and over again. I definitely hope to hear more of her work on Grey’s in the future. Watch/listen to her rendition of “How To Save A Life” here!


What did you think about the season finale? What are you excited/hoping to see in season 12? Let us know in the comments below!

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