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Gotham: An alternative take on the Batman universe. If you find villains interesting, you will love this series.

In A Nutshell

Gotham tells the stories of the characters from DC’s Batman universe in the city of Gotham before Bruce Wayne became Batman. The story focuses on James Gordon as he attempts to do what’s right in a city full of corruption.

Meet the Characters

James Gordon - Gotham - The Daily Fandom
James Gordon

James is the main character of Gotham of the story as the series is centered around his days as a police detective in Gotham. James is a good-hearted, honest, righteous man, maybe even too much for the city’s corrupted system. James believes in doing right by everyone and is willing to put himself in danger for his beliefs.



Harvey Bullock - Gotham - The Daily Fandom
Harvey Bullock

Harvey is James’ partner in GCPD. Ethically speaking, he’s the complete opposite of James. Harvey is more experienced in how justice works in Gotham and works as a guiding light for newcomer James. Harvey also serves for some comedic relief in more relaxing situations.



Bruce Wayne - Gotham - The Daily Fandom
Bruce Wayne

Bruce is confused, angry and devastated after the death of his parents. Along with his butler Alfred, Bruce will have to take on the responsibilities of the Wayne family, while trying to overcome his grief and basically be a normal kid. He soon becomes attached to James after the detective takes a special interest in solving his parents’ murder.


(Also, Fish Mooney and Penguin are some of the first villains introduced in the series, but villains keep changing as the series progresses).

A Brief History of Gotham: the When, Where and How

Gotham is an American crime-drama that started airing on FOX in September 2014. It was created by Bruno Heller and it’s based on the characters appearing in the Batman universe by DC. Two seasons have been released so far. On February 1st, 2016, Fox also began airing episodes of a motion comic titled Gotham Stories, meant to tie into the second season.

Why It’s Awesome

gotham - the daily fandom

First things, first: many people, mainly hardcore Batman fans, dislike Gotham because it doesn’t always follow canon events. It should be noted that Gotham is an alternative take on Batman and that the writers have taken a creative license when trying to fill the blanks on what happened between the murder of the Waynes and Bruce becoming Batman. If you’re a hardcore Batman fan, you should go in with an open mind. If you’re not, don’t worry, it’s still possible to enjoy this show.

The thing about Gotham is that the main focus is on the villains. Western comic books usually rely too much on the main superhero, his righteousness and incredible superpowers that they use to do good deeds. However, the DC universe has a lot of interesting villains, some of whom are as interesting as the main hero (the Joker keeps being one of the most fascinating and beloved fictional villains). Gotham uses this fact to focus on the relationships between the villains and to attempt to show how the mind of a psychopath works. If you’re the type of viewer who is more fascinated by the villain’s motives, chances are that you are going to find this series fascinating and highly entertaining.

Gotham also has stunning scenery and very good cinematography. As the title of the series suggests, the city is key to the story and so it’s one of the main visual attractions of the series. In that regard, Gotham does an excellent job at making the city as appealing and immersive as possible.

Overall Score

Category Score
Show Quality 8/10
Characters 8,5/10
Fandom 9/10
Diversity 7,5/10
Drama/Comedy 7,5/10
Total 40,5/50

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