Gotham Season 4 comes back March 1st, 2018. Although, before then they are not letting the anticipation subdue for the new season. Gotham released an extended trailer featuring the best of the best: Catwoman, Bruce, Jerome, Riddler, and even Penguin.

Gotham Season 4

Selina and Bruce in Gotham.

More of the famous characters you know and love remain featured; however, we will leave that for you to watch and find out about who. Barbara Kean is back with her vengeance and Commissioner Gordon is still trying to save Gotham. Well, trying to save it the best he can without dying himself. What more can we see from Gotham Season 4?

Gotham Season 4: Extended Trailer

This extended trailer shows us a lot about what is to come for season four of Gotham. Ranking in at a little over five minutes, you do not want to miss out on every little detail.

Bruce stabs someone (which is kind of refreshing) and admits that: “[he] is not the hero Gotham Season 4 needs.” …So, who is? The season is titled, “Gotham: A Dark Knight.”  However, it seems to be a play on the film that came before it with the same name. What is to come of Gotham Season 4?

Gotham Season 4

Jerome in Gotham.

Moreover, what can we look forward to in terms of Jerome’s comeback, Penguin being in jail, Riddler escaping from Penguin’s icicle, and Ivy sprouting right before Bruce’s eyes? Jerome is stand out in the extended trailer. Despite us having seen the cryptic messages on Instagram from the actor, Cameron Monaghan.

Jerome is making a comeback whether you want to see it or not and we cannot wait for it. He has been one of the characters to take Gotham by storm. We can’t wait to see what else is to come to him as a character. He seems like he can never die.

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Such Anticipation for Gotham Season 4

The trailer gives us insight into the first half of season four and what more is to come. If you haven’t been keeping up with Gotham Season 4, this trailer will get you caught up in a matter of minutes. It will even give you insight into what you can potentially see March 1st, 2018.

Gotham Season 4

Bruce in costume in Gotham.

You can find out who’s playing who in Gotham Season 4, I’m sure you all know who plays who by now; however, in case you need a refresher. You got it!

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