Mad City: Time Bomb - Gotham

Gotham ‘Mad City: Time Bomb’ Review: A Storm is Brewing

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The Mad Hatter’s pocket watch might be no longer present, but he’s still responsible for many of the on-going conflicts. As more truths start to unravel, it feels like there’s an actual time bomb waiting to go off in Gotham city.


What started off as a silly love triangle might end up resulting in Gotham‘s new gang wars. Following his suspicions that Butch was Isabella’s killer, Nygma kidnaps both him and Tabitha for vengeance. Meanwhile, Barbara goes to Oswald to look for them, and starts doing some investigation of her own. In fact, Barbara is the one who connects all the dots and decides to start a war. Barbara has had a minor role for most of the season, so it should be fun to see her retake her role as the dangerous psychopath she really is. It’s also interesting how most of these events wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for romantic relationships. Nygma finds out about Butch/Tabitha, and decides to start his little sadistic game that ends up with Tabitha losing her right hand, and Barbara finds out that Oswald loves Nygma and hence reaches the conclusion that he was the one who killed Isabella. Could Barbara/Butch/Tabitha vs. Oswald/Nygma be the new Falcone vs. Maroni?

What many are asking right now is: if Nygma is supposed to be so smart, why couldn’t he deduce something Barbara did? Well, Nygma is missing some key information: the fact that Oswald is in love with him. The question now is: if Oswald were to confess to Nygma, would he immediately suspect him? At this point, Nygma is probably too blinded by his grief and needs someone to get revenge on. As his best friend, Oswald is probably the last person he’d suspect.

Mad City: Time Bomb - Gotham
As if that wasn’t enough, the Court of Owls have started chasing Mario the day right before his wedding. Asking Falcone to step down, Jim tries to take control of the situation and find out who’s responsible for the attacks in under 24 hours. Of course, this doesn’t exactly sit well with Mario. Just the suggestion that maybe the wedding should be cancelled is seen as jealousy from Mario. The thing is, even if Jim and Lee have finally said their goodbyes (with a kiss!), it doesn’t seem like Mario will stop being paranoid any time soon. Especially now that he’s got Tetch’s rage effects on him.

On a related note, Bruce and co. also have some beef with the Court of Owls this week. Or so they think. What’s initially an exchange of the key with an owl engraved on it for Ivy, ends up with the introduction of the Whisper Gang. These are enemies of the Court of Owls, and they want the key that opens a safe in the court where the CoO are supposedly hiding some type of weapon. They also warn Bruce that the CoO don’t have a code of honor, and therefore the deal he made with Kathryne is pretty much pointless.

While Season 3 of Gotham had started off a bit slow, everything that has happened so far is what’s made the exciting events of ‘Time Bomb’ possible. Oswald’s jealousy might have a bigger price than he originally expected, especially given that he’s the Major now. And with the introduction of the Whisper Gang, and the broadening of the Court of Owls mythology, the citizens of Gotham might have to prepare for the biggest storm yet.

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