Gotham ‘Mad City: New Day Rising’ Review

New Day Rising - Gotham
A certain threat is eliminated in this week’s Gotham, but the city is far from taking a break with the mayoral elections going on.


Jervis and Alice’s relationship, or rather Jervi’s obsession with her, is confirmed as 100% f*cked up this week with the more-than-implied incest. This information only makes Alice’s death all the more sadder, and the only reason why I could excuse it is because I’m hoping her blood dripping on Barnes will have some major consequences. Besides being one of the most tragic characters in the series so far, Alice’s role in this episode was also to give more insight on Jervis’ power as well as confirming a theory some Gothamites have. Apparently, Jervis’ hypnosis works best on those who are feeling emotionally unstable or who have many negative emotions. This is the case with Jim, and the fact that everytime Jervis used his hypnosis on him Jim would attempt to kill himself, could be interpreted as suicidal tendencies. Because of this, Lee puts him under 48h suicide surveillance. Hopefully, Jim is not really suicidal, and the only thing Jervis’ powers did was make those negative emotions stronger. The talk he shared with Lee should probably help him move on too.

No villain is ever really gone for good in Gotham, so I’m sure we will see the Mad Hatter again at some point. Benedict Samuel did an excellent job with this role, and everything from the way he carried himself, to those theme-park/circus aesthetics were very reminiscent of Jerome Valeska.

Mad City: New Day Rising - Gotham
“Make Gotham safe again!”. The writers are not even trying to conceal the Trump jokes anymore. Ed and Butch have different opinions as to how Oswald should go about the elections and, after supposedly outing Ed for betraying them, it turns out that he’s actually the one responsible for the win. Oswald is not only the new Major of Gotham, but he’s won in a way that he’s honestly loved by the citizens. While I’m sure Oswald and Nygma’s shenanigans in this position of power will be very amusing to watch, this rise-to-power storyline has been quite lackluster thus far. We have barely seen anything surrounding this election. Seeing some reactions from the media or citizens of Gotham would have helped make this process feel a lot more real and relevant. Oh well, at least Nygmobblepot shippers have reasons to be very happy!

It’s also looking pretty good for Bruce/Selina shippers… kinda. Selina is very sharp, and she discovers “Five” very quickly. Unlike Bruce, Five doesn’t waste any time to make a move on Selina. Ironically, this is probably one of the episodes in which Bruce/Selina is hinted at the most. Selina keeps denying her feelings for him, and Bruce gets upset when he finds out they kissed (only to later convince himself that she did so because she thought it was him). This teen romance wouldn’t be as amusing to watch if it weren’t for Alfred’s hilarious reactions. Fluff and jokes aside, Five leaving the picture is not a good thing as he’s taken by the Court of Owls who are, after all, his creators.

‘New Day Rising’ has a very dark and tragic A plot, so hopefully the show will make good on its promise in the episode title, and a new day will truly rise in Gotham thanks to Oswald Cobblepot.

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