Gotham ‘Mad City: Look Into My Eyes’ Review

The Mad Hatter has landed on Gotham city and, suddenly, the stakes are high again.


As if laughing at Fish Mooney’s new manipulative powers, Mad Hatter arrives in Gotham promising to wreak havoc with his hypnosis. Running little shows at Barbara’s club, Jervis Tetch (Benedict Samuel) uses his hypnosis to earn lackeys that will do as he pleases whenever he needs to. His real mission, though, is a very different one: to find his sister, Alice (Naian González Norvind). Alice, who doesn’t want to have anything to do with him, appears to have strange powers coming from her blood. As you might already be aware, in the comics, Alice is a childhood friend of Jervis with whom he’s totally obsessed with. Because of this, it’s still unclear whether she’s really his sister, of if he just believes she is. Regardless of that, Jervis means danger.

Meanwhile, Penguin keeps climbing the social ladder with giant steps. If last week he earned the attention of the media media by publicly calling out the Major, this time he actually announces his candidacy. Penguin’s goal has always been to rule Gotham, and that’s definitely one way to do it, but I’m still unsure as to what he plans to do as an actual politician. Nevertheless, his dark, creepy office is quite amusing to see, and at least it gives the writers an excuse to free Nygma from Arkham.

We finally have a name and some background information for long-haired!Bruce. “5”, as he was called in Indian Hill, has no memories of any family or friends, and only remembers being experimented on during the year he was in Arkham. He’s also very skilled at hand-to-hand combat, and he doesn’t seem to feel any pain. That doesn’t mean 5 has stopped being a mystery, though. Cutting his hair to look like Bruce and leaving in the middle of the night to meet Selina was quite fishy. Selina has known Bruce for quite a long time, so here’s to hoping she’ll realize it’s not really him soon. Speaking of Selina, she hasn’t had too much of a role this season yet, but it seems she’s going to be quite busy looking for Ivy and dealing with how much she’s changed once she finds her.

As per the love quadrupe(?), Valerie acts as if she’s not looking for anything serious with Jim and like she just wanted to have fun. Jim was looking a bit let down, but it’s probably because he misses the stable, intimacy relationship he had with Lee, and not because he’s developing feelings for Valerie. At the same time, Leslie is back at the GCPD. She confirms that yes, she has a fiance now, and he happens to be a doctor… and the son of Falcone (the plot thickens!). Overall, Jim and Lee are in good terms, but it still feels awkward between them. I wouldn’t put it past the show to have something happen between them this season, especially after Falcone’s words.

The best thing about ‘Look Into My Eyes’ is, without a doubt, the introduction of the Mad Hatter. Benedict Samuel manages to bring a sense of danger and uneasiness to the character that resembles that of Season 2’s Jerome Valeska. Getting some new information on 5 is also welcomed, but other storylines like Gordon’s and Penguin’s rise to power need to step it up in order to get on the same level. Gotham‘s Season 3 has had a slow start, but it seems like things are finally starting to look interesting for ‘Mad City’.


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