‘Mad City: Blood Rush’ is all about the GCPD as Jim rejoins the team, and the effects of Alice’s blood in Barnes start to get out of control.


It had been a while since Gotham had given Barnes a big role in the storyline, but the effects of Alice’s blood on him had to come up at some point. And it coincidentally happens just as Jim returns to the GCPD (for the hundredth time, as Harvey points out). Between the return of the dynamic duo and the heavy focus on the case of the week, ‘Blood Rush’ almost feels like an episode from Season 1. Only better, because the stakes are higher now and Barne’s rage is still related to a major villain like the Mad Hatter. Jervis tells Barnes to listen to “the voices”, which are supposed to be his human instinct when it’s not restrained by the law (once again, Gotham playing with the meaning of morality and the difference between “good” and “evil”). It’s also a nice role reversal from when Barnes was the one who had to find out about Jim killing Galavan last season. This time, though, it seems like the chasing will not last very long, as Jim discovers what Barnes is doing at the end of this same episode.

Similarly, Lee and Mario also need to shut the voices within them. Despite the engagement party, Mario insists on being insecure about Jim working again with his fiance, and even confronts him during the party. Meanwhile, Lee and Jim are trying to keep things professional and not-awkward at work. However, with Jim’s decision in ‘Follow the White Rabbit’ still being in the back of everyone’s minds, it’s pretty obvious that Jim and Lee will be back together at some point.

Mad City: Blood Rush - Gotham
As predictable is the love triangle between Nygma, Isabella and Edward. Ed is freaked out about how much Isabella resembles Miss Kringle, glasses included. In reality, the creepiest thing would be why does she insist on researching Kringle to look like her so much? Is it just her twisted way of seducing him? Regardless of that, it’s enough for Ed to ask Oswald to break up with her in his place, which is quite cowardly of him, but I guess the writers had to make Oswald meet her somehow. The only conclusion of their encounter is that they have acknowledged each other as love rivals. This pushes Isabella to basically transform in Miss Kringle to, well, consummate her love with Ed. Meanwhile, Oswald’s methods are more radical, and he hires someone to kill her. I doubt she’s really dead, there has to be more to it. We still don’t know what the point of her character was or why she looked so much like Miss Kringle. Could she be a clone like 5? But why would the Court of Owls be interested in creating her?

‘Mad City: Blood Rush’ is very case-heavy, but seeing Barnes be such a badass and having so much to do with the main storyline for once is entertaining. Other than developing his new situation, there’s not much else going on in this episode, except for adding more questions on Isabella’s identity.