Gotham ‘Mad City: Anything for You’ Review: Best Party Ever!

Well, putting all these characters in one same party was clearly a recipe for disaster. ‘Mad City: Anything For You’ is an episode full of betrayals, plot twists, and yes, romance.


Just as I mentioned last week, Oswald’s storyline as the new major of Gotham (saying this still feels weird) needed more attention. In ‘Anything for You’, Oswald gets exactly that. He gets attention from the media, the citizens, and even Nygma and Butch are fighting for his praise. Unfortunately, he also grabs the attention of the new version of the Red Hoods gang, who decapitate the statue of Oswald’s mother. And everyone knows that attacking the memory of Oswald’s mother is the last thing you should do. That is why, when Nygma finds out Butch is behind the attack, he starts planning his sweet revenge to take him down. And what a plan that was. We know Nygma is very smart, but the strategy he pulled even had me fooled for a minute. While it was both disappointing and hard to believe that he would want to kill Oswald, it’s also true that it’s strange that he would settle for that secondary role, especially given his blood-lust. Nygma and Butch ruling Gotham together would have definitely been something shocking that no one could predict, but unfortunately, they don’t really have a lot of chemistry. It’s not like it matters at this point, though. Even though it nearly cost him his life, Nygma completely destroys Butch in the middle of the party at The Sirens.

And now for the elephant in the room: Nygmobblepot. Nygma/Edward. The Riddler and The Penguin. Whatever you want to call it. The writers and actors know it’s a thing, and the characters’ loyalty for each other was established as soon as Oswald demanded Nygma to be released from Arkham. From then on, the two of them have been very good friends, with Nygma doing everything he can to see Oswald rise to the top. However, never has their relationship become so ambiguous as it did in ‘Anything for You’. I mean, even the title of the episode is a reference to what Nygma says to Oswald at the end, right at the moment when the show had everyone and their mother thinking they were going to kiss. With this, Gotham enters a dangerous territory. Bruce/Selina and Jim/Valerie became a thing in this episode, and there’s already a gay relationship with Barbara and Tabitha. Are the writers committing to Nygmobblepot, or will Gotham become the next case of queerbaiting on TV? We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on these two.

Mad City: Anything for You - Gotham
Yeah, Jim and Valerie are now a thing. Leslie letting him know about her engagement with Mario Falcone being in the papers, along with Bruce’s words are the final push Jim needs to accept what he feels for Valerie. That is, if he feels anything at all. Valerie and him have been doing nothing but bickering so far, and it seemed like Valerie wasn’t interested in a serious relationship either. Hopefully the writers will flesh out their relationship a bit more. It’s funny Jim’s also the one to give that final mental push to Bruce. He assumes Bruce wants to find Ivy because he has feelings for Selina. And while that is true, it’s also because he wants to apologize for what previously happened between them. However, I have to say I’m very surprised that they had Bruce confessing to Selina so soon. It was only last episode that the romantic feelings between them became textually canon (in the show at least, they’ve always been a thing in the comics). It doesn’t seem like things will go as smoothly, though. Selina has always had a tendency to diminish herself, and to some extent it’s understandable that she would feel like he only likes her because she’s the only girl he knows. It’s the typical “we come from different worlds” romantic trope. They kiss, Bruce is confused, and so are the viewers.

Gotham‘s Season 3 continues going uphill and making its storylines all the more interesting. Seeing all these characters party at the Sirens was both funny and tense, and of course it had to end in a riot. Nygma coming back to the GCPD was easily a season highlight, next to Leslie slapping him across the face. Zsasz is back, Jervis is still out there getting crazier by the minute, and, on top of that, there’s also the mystery of Alice’s blood, along with the speculation that Barnes might become Bane. Will Gotham be able to maintain this level of awesomeness?


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