A Legion of Horribles

Gotham ‘A Legion of Horribles’ Review

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Gotham takes its sweet time to prepare everything for its season finale on ‘A Legion of Horribles’. It’s time to break into Arkham!


You know Gotham‘s getting serious when Bruce, Alfred, Jim and Lucius all gather to start a plan. Even though these characters have been getting more and more reasons to suspect Hugo Strange, it’s not until Selina gets in trouble that they finally decide to take action. I still have some issues accepting Albert’s sudden concern for Selina. While he cares about her to some degree, I’m sure he’s probably more concerned with teaching Bruce not to involve innocent people into his mess. As per Bruce himself, he feels very responsible for Selina’s situation, even if she was the one who decided to enter Arkham on her own. For having left it as a cliffhanger, Selina’s side of the story with Firefly was dragged out all episode, but it didn’t have much relevance. Selina managed to convince a very gullible Firefly into believing that she was now her servant… we’ll see how long that lasts.

Overall, their plan was quite simple: entering Arkham through the front door under the excuse of an “inspection”. Bruce got to talk to Strange for a while and, while the conversation didn’t really lead anywhere, it did serve to reinforce the idea that Bruce doesn’t care about being safe and that he’s more than happy to follow his father’s path if that means dying for your beliefs. They did manage to infiltrate Jim inside the facility, but both Bruce and Lucius ended up being trapped by Nygma, who’s been asked to interrogate them.

In case anyone hadn’t been spoiled yet by Gotham‘s horrible marketing team, Jada Pinkett Smith is back as Fish Mooney. And she came back with a surprise too as she seems to be the only test subject that actually remembers who she was and that is not buying Strange’s stories. Perhaps overshadowed by Fish’ return was the introduction of Clayface, whom Strange uses to create an exact copy in what was the biggest WTF moment of the episode. Strange has been told by the Court of Owls (!!) to destroy Indian Hill to get rid of any evidence so… are Fish and Clayface really the last villains to come out of Indian Hill or is the show saving someone else for the finale?

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