Gotham comes back in full force to start the machinery for what will probably be a very intense finale that will see the return of the series’ best villains.

WARNING: This review contains spoilers

Gotham has been spending these past few weeks slowing down the action for some overdue self-reflection. Oswald was undergoing Hugo Strange’s suspiciously efficient treatment and rediscovering himself through his new family, Lee had gone away (and lost the baby), Gordon had been framed and convicted to prison, and the city seemed to be pretty quiet while Nygma was laughing on the inside. ‘Into the Wood’s pulls a 180º twist when Gordon gets his job back after he catches Ed, who’s sent to Arkham, Oswald goes back to his psychopathic self after he discovers his father had been poisoned (and what a comeback!), and Bruce decides to go back to his house with Alfred. However, even if Nygma (one of the most captivating villains of the season), is locked up, we can already guess that that’s not going to last for long.

Hugo Strange keeps releasing lunatics knowing that they will probably reverse back, just like Oswald did. This week in particular sees the return of Barbara Kean, who claims to have been cured during her comatose sleep and is also released rather quickly. Strange is not interested in his reputation, though, he claims he’s just releasing them as experiments to keep under observation.quickly. His methods in Arkham have already gotten a hold of Penguin and Barbara, and judging by next week’s promo, there will be even more chaos soon. The Indian Hill storyline has been cooking for a while now, and considering how well Gotham does slow build-ups, I’m sure the finale will be nothing but satisfying. After all, it”s all about the wrath of the villains, right?

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Speaking about ‘In the Woods’ in particular, even if we finally got the awaited return of Oswald as the Penguin, the MVP of the episode was clearly Edward Nygma. The Riddler is a villain that has been in the making for a long time and seeing him grow in the shadows until being finally caught in this episode has been nothing but gratifying. Nygma’s speech about there being a monster in all of us (which is clearly the case in Gotham) was captivating, and he did have a point in saying that Gordon didn’t want to admit he had always been like this because that would be like admitting that Ed was under their noses all this time and they never noticed it because they always dismissed him as the awkward guy with the riddles. Ed’s words hit hard and it almost made me cheer for him, but then again, this is pretty much the case with all of Gotham‘s villains.

Into the Woods - Gotahm
‘In the Wood’s also hinted at some Bruce Wayne moments to come for the future, like the fact that Gordon states (again) that he wants to solve the Wayne’s murder, which is probably his main goal in the entire series. Just as he said that, Bruce decided to go back home after Alfred warns him that he has to choose either keep working or being with Selina, but he can’t do both because he’s endangering her. Even Alfred was probably more teaching Bruce how to realize when he’s endangering others, I’m sure he has also grown to care about Selina over time, and that’s just so sweet.

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If Season 1 had Falcone and Maroni as the two main big bads, this season is all about the Penguin and the Riddler, with some other lunatics popping out every now and then, from Galavan or Barbara to Mr. Freeze or Jerome Valeska. Speaking of the latter, we have been getting plenty of hints about Jerome/Joker lately and people keep asking for his return in social media. With all these villains being brought to life in Indian Hill, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the ginger maniac pop up in our screens one of these days. One thing is for sure: we’re in for one hell of a ride!

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