Good Girls, a new NBC show that is on the radar of the Hulu homepage. Sometimes you catch some really great shows you’ve missed (in case you don’t have cable). And, sometimes, you catch some okay shows that you are glad you missed.

Good Girls

NBC Entertainment (2018)

Nonetheless, Good Girls is one I am happy that I stumbled upon. You can catch it on NBC, but, in the meantime, Hulu has the first four episodes for you to catch up on. This show is so worth it. The show is created by Jenna Bans and executive producers include Dean Parisot, Jeannine Renshaw, and Sarah Stennett.

The Concept of Good Girls

This show has some creatively hilarious people behind it. Christina Hendricks plays Beth Boland, Marietta Sirleaf also know as Retta plays Ruby Hill, and Mae Whitman plays Annie Marks.

The main characters will be of importance throughout the duration of the first episode and the series up until episode four. Beth plays the older sister to Annie, who is the goodie two shoes, however that changes after Annie convinces them to rob the convenience/grocery store.

Good Girls

NBC Entertainment (2018)

Annie is having hard times with her ex (they have a child together) and needs money as soon as they possibly can. Then you have Ruby who has a sick child and really needs some source of income to handle the expenses. All of them have money issues, they need money for something.

Either they don’t have enough to sustain their lifestyle, they need it for their children, or they just need it for custody reasons. They all mutually decide to rob Annie’s grocery store. She knows the ins and outs of the place, and they decide to just do it.

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Good Girls Turn Bad…

Obviously, you can’t do a heist without something falling through the cracks… literally. Annie makes the mistake of having her shirt too short and it shows her tramp stamp tattoo. After her boss, Boomer, notices this he takes advantage of it.

However, that is not the only person who realizes they stole the money. They also get into some unlawful trouble with some gang-affiliated members. This is a spiral of karma is I have ever seen it. Nonetheless, and within the first episode even, someone is murdered… by accident?

Good Girls

NBC Entertainment (2018)

The boss, Boomer. With just reason, he does try and abuse or force Annie to have intercourse with him while he is drunk and her sister Beth steps in. Eventually hitting him with a Jack Daniel’s bottle over the head. He tries to come back and attack her and falls into the glass living room table.

That is just what happens in the first episode. They are about an hour long on regular television, NBC Mondays at 10PM PST. But, on Hulu, they are about 44 minutes long without commercials.

Serious Meets Hilarious?

This show is unquestionably meant to be serious, but it’s funny too. They brought in three powerhouse girls to take this series home. And, it works.

Good Girls

NBC Entertainment (2018)

You catch yourself laughing more often than not. The story is just beginning for these three characters and we are only on episode four; nonetheless, I can see this story getting even crazier from here on out. We already know they are in deep issues with a ‘gang’ and even more so deep issues with money. There can be a lot of future scenarios that can happen within this show.

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I am looking forward to the first season of Good Girls. 

Good Girls is created by Jenna Bans and executive producers include Dean Parisot, Jeannine Renshaw, and Sarah Stennett.
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