Going On An Adventure But Not Having A Plan In Jim Henson’s Beneath The Dark Crystal Vol. 1

Another installment in the Dark Crystal franchise, Beneath the Dark Crystal, is a sequel to the Dark Crystal movie and its best-selling comic series, The Power of the Dark Crystal. Beneath the Dark Crystal was written by Adam Smith, illustrated by Alexandria Huntington, and lettered by Jim Campbell. Come along on an adventure that takes place 100 years after the original Dark Crystal.

Beneath the Dark Crystal
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After the events of The Power of the Dark Crystal, Kensho and Thurma go back to where they belong. Kensho goes back to the castle, while Thurma goes back to the U-Mun people to take her rightful spot on the throne. Just when everything seems to be going fine and Thurma is about to get the crown, a woman named Nita busts in and says she is the rightful Ember Queen and wants to take the throne.

Meanwhile, at the castle with Kensho, he is now known as the light born, but he does not feel like one. Kensho wants to do more for the Gelfling people, but does not know how. He feels like he will never be good enough for the people of Thra, like Jen and Kira. Not knowing what to do, Kensho steals the treasure from the castle, takes his new friend Toolah, and runs away to save the world. The only problem with this is that he does not have a plan and has no idea what he is doing.

Beneath the Dark Crystal
Beneath the Dark Crystal © Boom!

The Story Of Beneath The Dark Crystal

Adam Smith, who wrote this story, is also known for writing Long Walk to Valhalla and
Jim Henson’s Labyrinth 2017 Special. Smith handles Jim Henson’s world very well. While this high fantasy world is someone else’s, Smith comes in and makes it his own. It’s filled with loving characters like Kensho, who wants to save the world but has no idea how to, and Thurma, who almost became queen but has to learn how to get along with a stranger to save her people. There are many loveable and full-of-life characters that keep you coming back and thinking about them. This story will suck you into a fantasy world that you do not want to escape.

Beneath the Dark Crystal
Beneath the Dark Crystal © Boom!

Seeing A Fantasy World

Alexandria Huntington is also known for doing the illustrations for Once Upon a Time Machine. Like Smith, she takes this world and makes it her own. Her own art style shines through and the characters look like she took inspiration from the puppets of the original story. Something that stands out is her ability to switch between the two worlds where this comic takes place. One world is with people who literally live in the core of the earth. There are fires everywhere, but a rocky area where there are crystal-looking statues. Then we are whisked away to Thra, a world bountiful in landscapes, trees, and rivers. Nothing is lacking detail. These places are complete opposites and she does beautifully on both.

Huntington is not lacking in talent as she also does the colors for this breathtaking book. For the people of U-Mun, the color palette is red, orange, purple, and gold. The U-Mun people are fire people with orange skin and flame hair. Thurma’s mom is clad in a beautiful purple and gold robe. The colors go great together on the orange skin and the purple and gold robe really pops.

Beneath the Dark Crystal
Beneath the Dark Crystal © Boom!

In Conclusion

This is a great book. The writing is good and has The Daily Fandom waiting on the edge of our seats for the next volume. The characters are fun and loveable. It’s a story of two different worlds and two different people trying to navigate this world they just saved. Seeing them trying to find themselves after a life-changing journey is fun, but also a little sad.

The art and colors are great. This is a high fantasy world with art that goes right along with it. It’s full of different colors, creatures you’ve never seen, and places we will never be able to see except for this book. If you want to get away from your life for a little bit and let yourself get whisked away to a magical place, pick up the first volume of Beneath the Dark Crystal at a book store near you.

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