7 Deadly Sins

Going On A Suicide Mission In The 7 Deadly Sins

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Do you like westerns? Do you like team-ups? And do you like redemption stories? If so, 7 Deadly Sins is the story for you. 7 Deadly Sins is written by Tze Chun, Illustrations by Artyom Trakhanov, color by Giulia Brusco, and letters by Jared K Fletcher. Get ready to go on an adventure of a lifetime.

The 7 Deadly Sins
The 7 Deadly Sins © TKO Studios (2019)

The story takes you back to Texas in 1867 where a Mexican Priest enlists 7 death row inmates to help him on a special mission. The mission is to bring Black Cloud, an Indiana chief’s daughter back. Betrayal, unlikely friendships, and childbirth is the story of the 7 Deadly Sins.

Who Is TKO Studios?

TKO studios is a publishing team that wants to redefine the comic book industry in a commercial and creative way.

“Our aim is to publish high-quality books and expand the comic book audience using modern methods of marketing, distribution, and audience engagement. We proudly offer the premier issue of each new miniseries available for free digital download.”

You can find more of their work on TKI Studios dot com. This is where they have numerous comics (trade paperbacks & graphic novels) out like Sara, The Fearsome Doctor Fang, and Goodnight Paradise. Keep checking back to their website because they have some great comics coming out this summer and fall. The Daily Fandom is doing a series of comics they have out right now, so after reading this, check out Sara, Fearsome Doctor Fang, and Goodnight Paradise.

Meet The Team

Antonio: Sloth. He is the Mexican Priest who puts this mission together to give Black Cloud his daughter back. Jericho March: Wrath. He is a man on a mission to show the white man what it feels like to be beaten and killed just because of your skin color. Irish Claire: Greed. She is on death row for being a bank robber, she is breaking stereotypes. Marlene Johnson: Lust. She is a free slave that is going to get hanged for burning her ex-owners and mistress to death. Dapper Dudly: Pride.

The 7 Deadly Sins
The 7 Deadly Sins © TKO Studios (2019)

He is a showman who is known as the best sharpshooter in the west. Hogg Smyth: Gluttony. Rumor has it that he ate ten of his comrades in the midst of battle. Last but not least is a Chinese surgeon, whose name does not come up: envy. He is from San Francisco and he knows how to go for the kill. All these people together make the 7 Deadly Sins.

The Story Of The 7 Deadly Sins

The story is by Tze Chun. You will get immersed in this story especially when you start reading about some of the characters’ backstories like Jericho and Marlene. Once you start reading you will not be able to stop.

What did these people do to get in this situation? Why do they do the things they do? What drove them to make the decisions they made to wind them up being in this deadly team up?

This book gives you the same impact and environment as Django Unchained or Jonah Hex from DC. The team has no choice but to go on the mission that Antonio gives them. They can either stay and get hanged or they can go on this suicide mission and make some money if they survive. While there are 7 people on the team you will come out with your favorites, the people you are rooting for, and you’ll find that some might deserve the situation they are in.

The Art Of The 7 Deadly Sins

The Illustrations are by Artyom Trakhanov. This comic has a lot of images of people getting hanged, dying, and being scalped and the art of it is as horrifying and gory as you think it’s going to be and Trkhanov handled it marvelously. Trakhanov also puts a lot of detail into his character design. An example is Antonio — when he draws a close-up of his face you can see his forehead wrinkles and his mustache that does not connect together. The art is an aspect that truly shines. He does not draw comely art. It is authentic and unbreakable and that is why it goes so strongly with this graphic novel. The background, in turn, is detailed and appealing looking just the same. Trakhanov took his time with the backgrounds and you will find yourself just staring at a panel. Just marveling at the details in the background.

This book’s colors are stunning and it really helps tell the story. When they show something from the past it has the color of a hazy purple so you know they are talking about the past. Giulia Brusco has a talent for color, you can tell. For the Indians, the face paint truly pops. For example, there is a panel where they have yellow color on their face and it just stands on the panel your eyes cannot help but focus on it. It’s marvelous.

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The 7 Deadly Sins
The 7 Deadly Sins © TKO Studios (2019)

The story is downright incredible with the writing, and how when you are reading, the main story interweaves the past so fully into it. If you like action, gore, and imagining what the wild west was like, this is the book for you. It is so creative and puts the 7 deadly sin troupe on its head. A lot of these characters have imperfections and have done corrupt things they should be accountable for, but that does not make them the “bad guys.” The art and colors are brilliant and if you are a comic art nerd, you need to pick The 7 Deadly Sins up. You will get sucked in by looking at the great line work and beautiful landscapes.

As this will be a series, look forward to a few reviews we have forthcoming:

The 7 Deadly Sins By Tze Chun, Artyom Trakhanov, and Giulia Brusco
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