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Going On A Hunt For The Supernatural In Little Girls OGN TP

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In the year 2004 someone or something is on the hunt for people in Harar, Ethiopia. When two girls give themselves the job to save the city they live in, will they be able to get the job done or die in the process? Little Girls is written by Nicholas Aflleje, art by Sarah Delaine, color by Ashley Lanni, and letters by Adam Wollet. Under the publishing company Image Comics, this young adult comic will be the debut of both Nicholas Aflleje and Sarah Delaine.

Little Girls
Little Girls, Image Comics 2019.

Sam is new in town, she is used to not staying at one place for too long. Her father moves around for his job and that is how they ended up in the town of Harar, Ethiopia. Lielet is a native of the town, she is a tomboy who nobody will listen to. The residents of Harar think that people are dying from hyena attacks, but Lielet knows better than that, and she thinks something more sinister is on the prowl of The Town.

These two girls band together against all odds.

The Story Of Little Girls

Little Girls by Aflleje is one you have not read before. When Sam and Lielet start to go out into the wilderness to try to find the monster, you are left with an eerie feeling. The whole time you are reading this you are just yelling at the book saying

“Go home, this is too dangerous!”

You will be worried about the characters the entire time. You are proved wrong when the girls show they can carry their own, are smart on their feet, and come prepared for trouble. One of the breakout scenes of this comic is the fight at the end with the hyenas and lions. Hyenas are “lower class” animals in the animal kingdom especially compared to lions. It is a cool concept that the hyenas are trying to fight to get the Lions place at the top.

Little Girls
Little Girls, Image Comics 2019.

The relationship between Sam and Lielet is the best thing about this comic. These two girls coming from different worlds find each other at just the right time. They care for each other. Their relationship is heartwarming and lets you know that everything will be okay as long as these girls are together and have each other’s backs!

Who Is Kerit?

Kerit is the antagonist of Little Girls. He is based on the unknown animal Nandi Bear who resides in East Africa. Kerit is to East Africa like Big Foot is to America, an animal that everyone knows, but has never seen. The Legend of Kerit says he only eats the brains of the things he kills. He is described as looking like a hyena, but bigger with high front shoulders and a sloping back. This is the horror that Sam and Lielet are up against.

Little Girls
Little Girls, Image Comics 2019.

The things they bring to try and defeat him are firecrackers, binoculars, flashlights, compass, lighter, hyena pee gravel, and butcher’s cow blood. If they have done a lot of preparation for this, we only hope that it will pay off.

The Art Of Little Girls

I have not seen these types of illustrations for a long time. It reminds me of the old Time Warp Trio show on Discovery Kids. The line work is simple but adds a lot of detail. Kerit has some of the most unique animal designs I have seen. The art is just as eerie as the writing. One panel actually made me jump when I saw it. Not just that, but the landscapes are beautiful. You will be gazing at the landscapes for a while. You can see the details of when someone is lying or stepping on the grass.

Little Girls
Little Girls, Image Comics 2019.

DeLaine also adds a lot of texture to her drawings and it shows and provides more depth to her work. Lanni, who does the colors, is similarly wonderful. The milky white of Kerit’s eyes gazes right into your soul. She is quite good at background color as well. The color of the buildings really pops with all of them being a different variety. The colors of the hyenas and lions are great. The hyenas are dark and gritty looking while the lions are a soft yellow that radiates pride.

Should You Read Little Girls?

If you like indie young adult comics that have a good eerie story and interesting art, Little Girls is for you. The story is something unique with the telling of animals, folklore, and friendship. The art brought me back to a style I loved when I was a kid and brought a horror element to it. This story depicts bravery from two girls that should be appreciated. It is a good young adult comic especially for teenagers who are just getting into reading graphic novels. This OGN TP is definitely something you would see in a college or school course to teach about the graphic novel. There is an excellent story in Little Girls.

Are these attacks supernatural or are they just hyenas like everyone says? Find out in Little Girls on April 24th.

Little Girls
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