To celebrate the return of our favourite detective you have now the chance to win a copy of  the book “The Sign of Four. This book is a special edition of the classic novel inspired by the TV show. It also includes an introduction by Martin Freeman (John Watson). Here’s the description of the story:

Sherlock Holmes is roused from durg-induced depression by a beautiful young woman. Her name is Mary Morstan and every eyear since the mysterious disappearances of her father she has received a lustrous pearl. Now her anonymous benefactors has requested a meeting and she wants Holmes and Watson to accompany her. Together they uncover a story that began in far-off India with unimaginable treasures and terrible betrayal.

Definitely a very valuable piece for any Sherlockian out there!


-Leave a comment below explaining what you’d like to see for the Christmas Special episode. You must provide your email account when you register to leave a comment for us to contact you. Winner will be picked by a random user generator.

We will ship anywhere and the contest is open until August 15th. The winner will be announced the next day through our blog, Twitter and Tumblr.

Good luck everybody!