Fanfic Friday: 10 Girl Meets World High School Fic Recs!

<strong>Fanfic Friday:</strong> 10 <em>Girl Meets World</em> High School Fic Recs! 3

Welcome to Fanfic Friday, everyone! This month’s theme is school/college/high school AUs! Today we have 10 Girl Meets World high school recs — if you love the show Girl Meets World you will love these recs!

1. Girl Meets High School

By: FireGirl125
Summary: Riley Matthews has always lived in her dad Cory Matthews world, but now she gets to experience being a small fish in a big lake as she takes on High School. Follow Riley and her friends Maya Hart, Lucas Friar and Farkle Minkus as they take on the world of High School.
Rating: Teen + – F/M – Alternate Universe: High School
Words: 70143

2. hearts like criminals

By: lxnaluthor
Summary: She stole his yearbook, his Yankees hat, his umbrella, anything she could get her hands on. So he didn’t notice when she stole his heart… or; Maya’s a sneaky little shit, and Lucas loves it.
Rating: General Audiences – F/M – Alternate Universe: High School
Words: 625

3. Into Focus

By: ashisfriendly
Summary: Farkle is a great tutor. He also smells good. And enjoys fancy fruits. Also, Lucas is hopelessly in love with him.
Rating: Teen + – M/M – Alternate Universe: High School
Words: 3033

4. The Fallout

By: fineh
Summary: In which Farkle finally apologizes.
Rating: General Audiences – F/M – Alternate Universe: High School
Words: 2034

5. Shadows

By: rilaya258
Summary: Basically future!rilaya but gmworld of terror three ish bc Maya’s ‘stone cold’ rebel and Riley’s less sunshine and more queen bee adored by all, etc. and ‘dating’ Lucas. Angsty probably.
Rating: Not Rated, Mature – F/F – Alternate Universe: High School
Words: 9066

6. We’re Okay

By: astralfreckles
Summary: “Hey, Riley. It’s okay. Look at me,” he says, grabbing her face with both of his hands.
Rating: General Audiences – F/M – Alternate Universe: High School
Words: 724

7. Brand New

By: grenadinehart (CompletelyCreative)
Summary: In which Riley hates change, and Farkle gives it a brand new meaning.
Rating: Teen + – F/M – Alternate Universe: High School
Words: 1071

8. the best kind of drug

By: hopalongandhart (orphan_account)
Summary: “She would always want more, crave more, because Lucas was a drug she was sure she could never wean herself off of.” Studying for Chemistry takes an interesting turn.
Rating: Teen + – F/M – Alternate Universe: High School
Words: 1379

9. Do You Love Me Like You Used To?

By: starkovs
Summary: “Smarkle is broken up, and Riley realizes how popular Farkle is when she watches him be pursued left and right.”
Rating: Teen + – F/M – Alternate Universe: High School
Words: 2433

10. I feel safe in the 5am light

By: bandshees
Summary: farkle minkus meets a brown-haired girl in a diner at 2am.
Rating: Not Rated, Mature – F/M – Alternate Universe: High School
Words: 1141

BONUS: Fic Rec!


Words: 6k+
A fun fic recommended by TDF! If you are looking for a new fic to read, check this one out this week!

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