Get Warped In Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #1

Soldier Supreme

What do you get when you mix Captain America’s strength with Doctor Strange’s mysticism? You get a bizarre, heroic, awesome new story! From Gerry Duggan, Adam Kubert, and Matthew Wilson comes Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #1!

The Soldier Supreme

The Soldier Supreme combines the character of Steve Rogers with the powers of Doctor Strange. The resulting comic retells Captain America’s World War II origin story with more mystical elements. In this version, Stephen Rogers receives his powers from a magical ritual rather than a strictly scientific experiment.

With his new powers, Rogers can conjure a red, white, and blue shield, heal wounds, and punch people with extreme force, among other things. He fights for his country alongside his Howling Commandos of Hoggoth. Through difficult times, he perseveres until (spoiler alert!) his nemesis, Dormammu Red, sends him to the Dark Dimension.

Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #1 (Marvel Comics)

Soldier VS. Sorcerer

Initially, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a character comprised of two independent, fleshed-out characters. I’m happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised by Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #1. As a Captain America fan, I enjoyed this comic because it felt like a Cap story with Doctor Strange elements. Reading this felt like eating your favorite food with some new spices mixed it: familiar but deliciously refreshing.

In terms of character, the Soldier Supreme definitely has Cap’s heart and sense of duty. I did not see much of Doctor Strange’s personality. Visually, he looks like Steve Rogers with Doctor Strange’s facial hair. This look still skewed towards Cap since it reminded me of Chris Evans’ beard in the last Avengers film. While this may leave some Doctor Strange fans disappointed, the combination works well. Maybe next issue we’ll see more of his Strange side.

Stars & Capes

The Soldier Supreme may be more Steve Rogers than he is Stephen Strange, but his costume perfectly blends both characters. It probably helps that they already share a color scheme as well as a first name. The Soldier Supreme’s costume features Strange’s cape and facial hair as well as Cap’s cowl and star-studded armor. The combination is nicely balanced without looking like a random mish mash of the two. I also loved that the shield he conjures up looks like Cap’s circular shield. Visually, this image perfectly synthesizes the two characters’ powers.

Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #1 (Marvel Comics)

In addition, it was fun to see other combined characters, namely Dum Dum Fury, Bucky Wong, and Dormammu Red. Dormammu Red’s look was especially fearsome and a great contrast to the Soldier Supreme. I also liked their twist on Bucky Wong as the Winter Soldier. Despite the brevity of his appearance, I really felt for him and hope to see more of him in the next issue.

Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #1

Duggan has found a way to combine two characters that we know and love into one strange and awesome hero. Being more familiar with Captain America, I see more of his personality in the Soldier Supreme than Doctor Strange. Nevertheless, I believe this mash-up works better than trying to mash their unique personalities together. Kubert’s art really brings out elements of both characters, blending them into one cohesive look.

Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #1
Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #1 (Marvel Comics)

I really enjoyed this comic as a creative retelling of Captain America’s origin story. Even though I already knew his story, the new version moved me as I got to know this hybrid character. He inhabits an entirely different universe from the ones we’ve seen before. As a result, Soldier Supreme #1 could be read without reading the main arc, Infinity Wars.

Since it is a spin-off, however, the Soldier Supreme will also appear in the main series as well as one more solo comic. So if you want to see more of this character, you only need to pick up one more series. If the next issue is as good as this one, I could probably read a full solo series about this character. Duggan’s done great work on this and on Infinity Wars. I can’t wait to read more!

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