A New Foe Named Gemini In The Flash #58

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Ever since the events of Flash Wars things have not been the same for Berry Allen, also known as the Flash. After the events in #57 with Heat Wave, Berry knew things had to change. Berry and Iris have left Central City to become world travelers in pursuit of information on the sage, strengthen, and still force. However, The Flash #58, a couple of mysterious new foes called Gemini make an appearance. The Flash #58 was written by Joshua Williamson. Introducing the new art team — inking by Jordi Tarragona, penciling by Rafa Sandoval, and colors by Tomeu Morey.

Will They Find Any Information In Badhnisia?

In Flash “Force Quest” P.1, we are met with Iris buying food in a market at Port of Trueno, Badhnisia. Berry is doing what Berry does best, being Flash. He is currently in pursuit of a man who stole a lady’s purse. His hero work does not stay in Central City.

The Flash #58
The Flash #58 © DC Comics

Once Flash catches the thief he gets out of his suit and starts walking around with Iris as Berry Allen. They start to head to the oldest church in Bedhnisia, a structure that was built two hundred years ago. They are able to track force signals now — via Commander Cold’s satellites — that can track any form of force. When arriving at the room the signal is originating from they see that someone has ransacked the area. When in the room Berry investigates the scene.

As a result, he is able to discover this was done by two very skilled people. As readers we see the person hiding in the rafters is a masked man and a woman wearing blue and white suits. They jump down and ambush Berry and Iris. Revealing the pair that has stolen the statue from the room. Berry (not being able to turn into Flash) asked them who they are, they call themselves Gemini two souvenir-seeking lovers.

The Flash #58
The Flash #58 © DC Comics

As Gemini jumps through the window Berry turns into Flash. Then, they start to fight and Flash becomes engrossed in the pairs gauntlet. Berry noticed they are making a peculiar humming noise. Flash assumes that they absorb and redirect energy. He would be right. When Flash is talking to the male Gemini he is distracted. The woman comes up behind him and strikes. Flash is then thrown against the church.

The Church Is About To Come Crumbling Down

Berry has not felt a blow like that since the Trickster had the strength force. Now, Flash has to make a decision. He can either save two children about to be crushed by the ruble or let the thieves get away. Nonetheless, Flash chooses to save the children and, as a result, Gemini got away with the statue.

The Flash #58
The Flash #58 © DC Comics

As the church is completely destroyed Flash has realized that he is not in Central City anymore. Flash and Gemini have destroyed a 200-year-old church. The Flash cannot fix this with his super speed. Therefore Gemini got away in a sewage tunnel. They discuss the way the energy was coming off Flash. The woman version of Gemini wants to possess Flash’s power. If they could get their hands on it, they can be free and live together forever. Flash is now back as Berry and is talking to Iris about if he should scour the city to find Gemini, or do they go to where Berry’s speed force is telling them. Berry chooses the latter and they go to where the force is guiding him… Gorilla City.

A Sad Discovery

As Berry and Iris arrive at Gorilla City. Berry talks about how this is where he started learning more about his speed force. That there are still things about his speed force he doesn’t and did not know. As they start to head into the city they are meet with a horrific scene… a Gorilla massacre. Flash now knows that someone else is hunting for information about the speed force but in a more deadlier way.

The Flash #58
The Flash #58 © DC Comics

Do you think this is the end of Gorilla City?

A New Start With The Flash #58

With a new storyline and art team, this is a great issue to pick up. New Flash fans can pick up this issue with no issues and certainly old fans can too. Though, The Flash #58 has made me excited for what’s to come. We have the mystery of who is hunting for information on the speed force (if you read #57 we might already know the answer) and what happened to Gorilla City. Still, the new art team did fantastic taking on Flash and I am excited to see what they do with future issues.

A New Foe Named Gemini In The Flash #58
Berry and Iris have left Central City and have become world travelers in pursuit of information on all the new forces.
A Bad Day at Gorilla City