Gaming Accessories: 4 Black Friday Deals for Gamers!

There are plenty of deals in video games and video game platforms today, but what about gaming accessories? These are the best 4 deals in gaming accessories we could find on this Black Friday!

Whether you need a new pair of headphones, or a nice case to store all your DS games, there’s bound to be an offer just for you today. Here are 5 diverse, over 50% discounts in gaming accessories!

Nubwo K6 Headset ($19.99 – 57% off)

Gaming AccessoriesGood audio and a high stereo quality are when it comes to gaming immersion. The Nubwo K6 is the cheapest you can get for what’s considered a decent headset for gaming. This piece includes a microphone for MMO (or recording, or videocalls…). Its long 2 meters extension cable gives you the security of not dragging your computer along with you when you just need to stand up and yell at your screen. Because that happens. Its cushiony pads are certainly very comfortable, and the stylish LED light will make you look extra cool.

HAVIT Macro Setting RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard ($74.99 – 56% off)

Everyone knows mechanical keyboards are very useful for gamers. Almost a must. Its brown switches are excellent if you don’t want to make too much noise when playing at night. This wired keyboard is RGB backlit with adjustable brightness, so it also improves visibility for when playing in the dark. The size is 457mm x 202mm x 41mm and the cord is 1.8 meters long. It includes 6 multimedia keys.


Ajazz Firstblood Watcher ($17.99 – 55% off)

gaming accessoriesMore RGB lit hardware for PC gamers! This Ajazz mouse features an adjustable 7 RGB backlit mode, along with 7 DPI setting and 7 optimized buttons. Ajazz products are always designed thinking of people who will be spending a lot of time using their hardware. Even when you’re not gaming, it’s made to be comfortable and create the best mouse feel for daily use. The mouse is also very compatible (Windows, Mac and Linux) and easy to set up – just plug it in and start playing!


Keten 3DS Case ($12.99 – 57% off)

gaming accessoriesMore of a fan of small consoles, particularly the Nintendo 3DS? Then you probably know it’s a bit of a hassle to be carry all your games and charger in your bag (I know I do). This is probably why many gamers have switched to mobile app games over consoles. However, using a case is also a very good way to fix that problem. This one keeps all of your accessories secure and neatly placed in a hard external case (measures: 17 x 10 x 3 cm). This case can be used for the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, the New 3DS, and the New 3DS XLS.

Have you bumped into any juicy gaming deals for today? If so, share them with us down below!

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