This year MCM London Comic Con hosted a bunch of great actors from HBO’s major show Game of Thrones.

Four actors of Game of Thrones were present for fans’ greatest pleasure: Ian McElhinney aka Ser Barristan Selmy, Ian Gelder aka Kevan Lannister, Ian Beattie aka Ser Meryn Trant and Eugene Simon aka Lancel Lannister. The actors were there to chat with fans, take selfies, photos, sign autographs (and, as we’ve heard, hang out in pubs where lucky fans could meet them!). No need to tell you that there were always people in the Game of Thrones’ area!

The actors also indulged attendees with a panel on Game of Thrones and a filmed interview for MCM Comic Con. For those of you who weren’t in London that weekend, you can still enjoy their interesting insights on TV, anecdotes on Game of Thrones and ravaging smiles here (please note that quality TV is not on its way as stated, it’s already here).

MCM London Comic Con - Iron Throne Experience

But this wasn’t the only Game of Thrones attraction at MCM Comic Con. For all the die-hard fans of Game of Thrones, the Iron Throne Experience was present at the ExCel center.
The Iron Throne Experience, owned by Fancosmic Ltd., offers Game of Thrones’ fans a chance to get their picture taken on an original 160 kg Iron Throne (i.e. one of the few Iron Thrones in the world built by the company that made the one in the series). Along with an amazing and always evolving background as well as a team of professionals trained to take your best shot, the Iron Throne Experience offers fans a truly immersive experience into the Game of Thrones’ universe. Whether cosplayers are dressed as Cersei, Daenerys, Jon, or as Deadpool, Harley Quinn or Batman, they all have the opportunity to take the Throne! The Iron Throne Experience also provides a crown and several swords that are official replicas from the series.

According to Fancosmic Ltd. Managing Director Stephen Saleh, more than 1,000 people sat on the Iron Throne on London Comic Con weekend! What’s more, even if Game of Thrones cosplayers come in numbers to the Throne, Saleh has noticed on the several conventions he’s been to that there were many other cosplayers as well, from Star Wars’ universe to Disney’s. When asked about the incentive behind this, the Managing Director states his will to bring up the fans’ perspective and provide them with a realistic experience. Fancosmic’s whole goal is to “make it real” for fans. As a fan himself, Saleh couldn’t be more excited to have his own Iron Throne! The Iron Throne Experience can exclusively be found at MCM Comic Cons in the UK. It’s been out there for less than a year, but is already an unavoidable stop for fans: let’s bet it won’t stop there!

An incredible number of Game of Thrones fans got their picture taken on the Iron Throne. However, they weren’t the only ones. Sunday evening, a few minutes before MCM closed, Eugene Simon (Lancel Lannister) himself enjoyed the Throne the time of a few shots. Who would have imagined Lancel Lannister on the Throne? Well, it suits him pretty well, don’t you think?

Game of Thrones Eugene Simons - Iron Throne Experience


Last, but not least, I must bring the spotlight on the true actors of this MCM London Comic Con, the real stars of the show: the fans themselves. Once again, Game of Thrones cosplayers did an amazing job at reproducing the costumes, characters and atmosphere of the show. Everyday for 3 days, they all met together at 2PM for an hour of chatting, pictures, fun and role-playing. From Khaleesi to Cersei, Jon Snow, Margaery Tyrell, Jaime Lannister, Tyrion, Jorah, Sansa, Aria Stark and Littlefinger, all the array of the show’s characters was represented. Gowns, wigs and make up were absolutely gorgeous, and fans made it a central point to bring justice to everyone’s outfit.

The most audacious re-played their favorites scenes from the show (or the ones they could with the characters present). Some of them created their own imagined ending in which (SPOILER), the Night’s King wins it all! More than 100 Game of Thrones cosplayers attended these meetings at London Comic Con and even a greater number were walking along MCM alleys!

Game of Thrones cosplayers - MCM London Comic Con©Julie Escurignan

Game of Thrones has a bright future ahead of it, and this future will be carried by its fans. Their next meeting date has already been set: MCM London Comic Con, 26-28 May 2017.