Long winter had we, but our favorite show is finally back! After months with no news from Westeros, we want to share our opinions on the so expected beginning of GoT’s fifth season.


A lot happened in season 4. All our beloved Stark were spread through Westeros and some even ended up heading east. The thing is, GoT has A LOT of characters and there were some definitely missing in this episode. Who isn’t curious about what happened with Bran? We haven’t even heard his name yet.

On the bright side, there was a clear Song of ice and fire structure with Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen on the spotlight. Also, we could see Cersei piling on her own shit a little bit and that’s always nice to see, isn’t it? So, this episode is all about preparing ourselves to what is waiting in the future.

Cersei Lannister

Cersei Lannister - Game of Thrones - The Daily Fandom - The Wars to Come

The episode begins with a flashback image of Cersei as a child. The little kid version of Tywin’s daughter shows us she was never sweet, neither as a child. She visits a witch in her tend, and asks -even better, commands- the witch to tell her future. The foreseer tells young Cersei she is going to be a queen, but someone prettier and younger will take her place eventually. Adult Cersei is still worried about it, as the other predictions from the witch already had come true. The obvious choice for the queen’s throne in King’s Landing is the Highgarden beauty Margaery Tyrell, but we’re all seriously wondering if the prediction may be talking about a hotter younger queen.

Jon Snow

Jon Snow the wars to come

Used-to-be-a-virgin Jon Snow grew a pair of genitals in his last appearance on the show, and continued gaining popularity among his oath mates. He did something brave, merciful and extremely dangerous saving Mance Rayder from a painful humiliating death, proving, as Igrytte used to say, that “he knows nothing”. You don’t want to mess with the red hair bitch witch, Jon! Come on, why would you take away a human sacrifice for her God right now? Just when she’s obsessed with doing something nasty with someone with king’s blood. And Stannis is trying to win some respect in the north, so it may not be so wise to defy his authority.

But…. after all Jon is showing some good values and no open-mouth-still-face is going to make us stop believing in him. We are looking forward his character to develop into his full potential and hopefully, for some new facial expressions in his acting as well.

Daenerys Targaryen

Sons of the Harpy - Game of Thrones - The Wars to Come

Daenerys finds out that ruling is way harder than conquering. Power positions are no easy peasy, and she’s facing some serious trouble in Mereen with the Sons of the Harpy fighting her in a silent dirty way. As wise and kind mhysa can be, this situation can easily get out of hand and my guts says it will.

Is she doing it right? Is this the moment to be a kind leader or a strong leader? Daenerys knows for sure she wants to be a good leader for her people, but politics works its own way and sometimes there is no place for nice politicians eager for justice. She may figure out a good solution, but it does sound like it is not going to be that easy keeping things under control in Mereen.

Will ice and fire meet somewhere?

Will Jon and Daenerys meet somewhere in season 5? They both share leadership skills, good values and they both come from a “I started with almost nothing” background and must work hard to conquer what they want. Geographically speaking, they are really far away from each other right now, but maybe they could meet halfway. So, what do you guys think about this season’s premiere?