Game of Thrones: “The Sons of the Harpy” Review

Game of Thrones is giving us a very promising season. “The Sons of the Harpy” gave us a lot to think about. Well, we still don’t have news from Bran, but this season’s story is definitely moving faster as Fate slowly reveals its plans.

SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading if you haven’t watched 5×04 yet!

Westeros and Essos

This season’s news is this time we’ve found several characters heading to Essos. While it has been Daenerys territory until recently, now we’re seeing some action taking place in Essos landscape.  Every character has its goals, but we’re finally seeing more of Eastern culture and scenery. This episode also introduces promising new characters to the story: Oberyn Martell’s daughters. They show themselves as skillful fighters willing to take a proactive role on the revenge of their father. Jaime Lannister has just arrived in Dorne and his determined move to rescue his daughter Myrcella and win Cersei’s love back is going to put him in danger. We can already predict a confrontation between Jamie and Oberyn’s daughters and we may see a very good fight soon.

Oberyn Martell's daughters
Sand snakes: Oberyn’s daughters are planning to avenge his father.

As for Jaime’s brother, Tyrion, we certainly got a bit scared at the end of the previous episode when he was kidnapped by Jorah Mormont, who claimed he was “going to take him to the queen“. There was some doubt about which queen he was referring to  and it’s finally clear that Tyrion is heading to the same place after all. Daenerys and Tyrion in the same room? Can’t wait until this pair finally meet!


We’ve been reminded previously about how important religion is to move people. Cersei already knows that and she’s been smart enough to look for new allies. Religion and politics together can be very powerful as we’ve already seen

Lancel Lannister, Cersei's Cousin.
Cersei’s cousin: a creepy (and homophobic) Sparrow.

with Stannis and the Red God. The Faith Militant is reestablished during the rule of King Tommen by the order of the Queen Mother. Their first moves show us how far they’re willing  to go to defend their own values. They killed several homosexual citizens (in their religion it’s a sin to be gay) and held Loras Tyrell as a prisoner. Despite Margaery’s request to free her brother, King Tommen turns out to be completely powerless under this situation. Cersei seems to be pleased with the situation but it may be too dangerous to exceed in giving the Sparrows too much power. After all, Cersei is known for being a sinner herself.

The North

The Red Woman seduces Jon Snow
Jon Snow facing a “hard” situation

Jon is showing he’s a good leader and that he can make his own decisions. He remains firm with his vows and sticks to his duty in Castle Black. The Red Woman tries to seduce and convince him and but Jon was still strong enough to resist and keep the blood flowing to his brain. Will Jon take an active place in Westeros politics? By now he has only 50 men and it’s not likely to happen soon. Meanwhile, his sister, Sansa, is left by Littlefinger in Winterfell. She’s facing an extremely dangerous situation and she’s showing signs of becoming a better player in the Game of Thrones. But it’s not possible to ignore that she’s going to marry a very sadistic murderer soon so she better steps up her game.


The Sons of the Harpy

Gray worm fights bravely  against the sons of the harpy but gets injured
Gray worm fights bravely but gets injured

We had to wait until the very end of this episode to see what the insurgent group was planning. Their silent battle got stronger and several unsullied were killed. The highlight of the confrontation was certainly Sir Barristan and Gray Worm’s fighting skills. They were able to kill several Sons of the Harpy showing bravery and agility. It was quite impressive, but they both ended lying on the floor with fatal injuries. Did the writers just kill two good characters? What does it mean for Daenerys? Every day she finds herself in a weaker position in Mereen.

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