Game of Thrones Season 6 Fandom Recap: Are Fans Getting Better than Weiss and Benioff?

This season of Game of Thrones has seen many WOW and WTF moments, leading to a greater-than-ever number of fan reactions and fan theories. Popping from every corner of the web, fans started stirring their ideas and melting their brains to try guessing at Weiss and Benioff’s intentions.

Two episodes remain in this season, and before the Battle of the Bastards starts and all Hell break loose (considering that what is currently coming from the North looks very much like Hell to me), let’s review the main theories that shook the web during the last month and a half:


Theory 1: Jon Snow is not dead

Of all theories, this is the one that definitely got the most attention during the last year. Yes, the last year, because this suggestion has been around for a whole year, driving fans (and non-fans) nuts. To most people’s pleasure, it has proved to be correct, episode 2 bringing back our dearest Jon, readier than ever to pick a fight for the North.

Game of Thrones - The Daily Fandom

Theory 2: Dany will become the Mad Queen

After a few episodes where we see Daenerys Stomborn burn people to ashes and declaim war speeches, fans have started to wonder if her dark side was not beginning to take over. Indeed, she motivates her new army of Dothraki warriors to come across the Narrow Sea with her by luring them into killing and sacking Westeros. Her look of anger when she enters the pyramid of Meereen while the city is under the masters’ attack does not augur well for the sanity and the calmness of her character either…

Game of Thrones - The Daily Fandom

Theory 3: Cersei will become the Mad Queen

While Dany seems to get on many fans’ nerves this season (mainly because nothing really new happens to her), Cersei is also foreseen for the title of Mad Queen. With her world crumbling around her, her son turning his back on her, her brother away, the Faith taking over King’s Landing, predictions go that she may follow King Aerys’ steps and set the capital on wildfire. This would lead to theory number 4.

Theory 4: Jaime will kill Cersei

Followers of the Mad Queen Cersei theory also claim that, coming back from Riverrun and finding his sister burning the King’s Landing to the ground, Ser Jaime will have no choice but taking again his kingslayer suit and end his sister’s life. This would match with Cersei’s prediction saying that she will die in the hands of her little brother (being the first-born of the Lannister family, her killer could be either Jaime or Tyrion, and Tyrion is too much of an expected move).

Theory 5: Arya and the Waif

Game of Thrones - The Daily Fandom

The big fan theory of the last 2 weeks surrounded Arya and her stabbing by the Waif. After seeing her swaggering around Braavos and then bleed her guts off, fans built complex theories justifying her behavior. Three of them widely circulated:

  • Arya was not stabbed. For some fans, it wasn’t Arya that was stabbed but someone on who Arya put a mask of her face on. This would explain why Arya bragged around the city while being chased by the Faceless Assassins.
  • Arya was stabbed but it wasn’t her blood. For other fans, Arya staged it all with the help of Lady Crane and protected herself with bags of pig’s blood that would allow her to bleed after being stabbed.
  • Arya stabbed herself. The more complex theory has it that Arya and the Waif are actually the same person, Arya being currently mentally ill (and here comes another theory for a Mad Woman). Arya and the Waif would be two sides of the same person, with Arya as a namely person and the Waif as a nameless assassin. Supporters highlight that Jaqen H’ghar never sees both girls at the same time, and that his wish to have the Waif kill Arya is actually a way for him to have her kill her inner person and become a no-one.

What happens then?

Well, the last episode was a bit of a bummer for fans. After thinking it through so hard, we all found out that the screenwriters made it much easier than the fans. There was no underlying theory, no undercover person, nothing even a little surprising. Arya was indeed stabbed, she actually bled her own blood, and after a very unrealistic escape from the Waif around Braavos, we are left with the knowledge that Arya killed the Waif off-screen. 8 episodes of waiting for Arya to fight off the Waif and of it, my dear friends, you will see nothing. Disappointing.

A valid question emerge out of this: are fans getting too good for Benioff, Weiss and even Martin? Are fans becoming better storytellers and screenwriters than the ones in command?

Bonus Revelation: Hodor’s name

Big mystery revealed this season, Hodor’s name has triggered a number a fans’ theories since the beginning of the saga. However, one fan got it right and solved the mystery in 2008, guessing that Hodor had a link with “hold the door”. The circumstances around the name weren’t quite good yet, but the finding of Hodor’s meaning is already impressive.

Game of Thrones - The Daily Fandom


The questions left hanging after this week have a huge potential to become fans’ theories by the airing of next episode. Amongst them, these are the burning ones:

  • Who will win the Battle of the Bastards?
  • Shippers’ dream: Brienne and Tormund or Brienne and Ser Jaime?
  • What will Cersei do?
  • What will happen to the Tyrell clan?
  • Dany looks pissed. What is she going to do?
  • Will the High Sparrow die?
  • Will Jaqen disappear for good from the show?
What do you think? Give us your theory and share your opinion in the comments below!

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