Game of Thrones: S7 Finale – Overview & Review

BEWARE: There are SPOILERS for Game of Thrones: S7 Finale + All 7 Episodes

For Game of Thrones to only have been seven episodes this season, a lot happened. From Littlefinger to Jaime to Cersei, we, as fans, got a lot. Jon Snow was back, Sansa, Bran, and Arya all came together, the Dragon queen was once more, and the white-walkers became even fiercer.

Aside from all of that, there was even more that happened. The season finale happened this past Sunday (August 27th), and we don’t get a season 8 for TWO YEARS at least — so, why not reminisce on the good times and think about all that happened during season 7?

The Game of Thrones episodes ranged from 12 million to 13 million viewers per episode. That means 12-13 million people were all watching GoT at the same time, how crazy is that? The season finale, which hasn’t been tallied yet according to Wikipedia — I am sure it got a hefty amount of view as well.

Underwhelming VS. Just Right VS. Over-the-Top

With that being said, the finale was underwhelming for a lot of viewers (from what I have seen online). It either told them something they already knew (fans who have read the books), gave them little to no insight on the white-walkers, or the only highlight was Littlefinger being cast to death by Arya and Sansa.

I thought the finale was exactly what it was supposed to be. It showed us insight on the next season and the end of GoT as a whole. As we all know, Jon Snow slept with his potential aunt, Daenerys Targaryen. That was a turn of events. However, let’s go back to the beginning…

What Happened During The Finale?

The Lannister’s are back at it again, and Cersei is being… well… Cersei. Jon, Daenerys, Tyrion, and everyone show Cersei and her team the white-walker that they saved from the near-death-experience a few months/weeks back. Cersei is then convinced, and more of her team is convinced that these beings are real. Cersei then asks Jon to bend the knee for her, and he declines. Jon Snow does not lie and therefore could not lie in front of Daenerys when he just bent the knee for Daenerys days back. Jon has a pure soul.

This results in Cersei leaving and saying she is not going to help them because she is selfish. Tyrion then goes to talk to her, despite the fact that Cersei has tried to kill him… three times, that he/we knows of. Somehow, someway, he gets her to agree to fight with them. However, Tyrion finds out that she is pregnant — or so she is claiming she is pregnant. That does not last for long because she admits to Jaime that she was lying the entire time. She is not actually going to help them.

Instead, she is going to use the Golden Company of Braavos to secure her hold on Westeros. Such a Cersei thing to do. Jaime then is disgusted with her, and her motives at this point — even threatening her to kill him and when she does not (have the guts to) he rides off and doesn’t look back.

King Of The North!

Back in the North, though, Sansa and Arya are teaming up to take down Littlefinger; who has been against them both all along. Littlefinger has been playing Arya and Sansa for a fool; little does he know — they have been doing the same. Sansa calls a trial for Arya but instead plays Littlefinger for a fool, and the trial is for him, for treason. Littlefinger in the past six seasons has set up a lot of people in the Stark family.

His treason was again the entire House of Stark and the North. Samwell then comes to Winterfell and meets up with Bran. They talk about Jon and who he actually is. At the end of the episode, the white-walkers tear down the wall and march South. Then the series ends for season 7.

Let’s Talk About GoT: Season 7

I have to say out of the entirety of season 7, Sansa and Arya surprised me the most. The entire time I did not think they were playing Littlefinger for a fool. I was surprised. The white-walkers will march to the south with a white-walker Dragon, and that will be bad, to say the least.

Cersei being pregnant will bring another Joffrey to the picture. I cannot handle another Joffrey. Olenna being killed by Cersei was not a surprise, her admitting to Jaime that she killed Joffrey was the best part of season 7 alone. I think that was a superior move. To kill herself after she admitted it and Cersei could do nothing about it — since she already poisoned her anyway.

That had to be the best moment of GoT this season. I have to say I saw Jon and Daenerys sleeping together well before it happened. I did not see Bran coming back to see Sansa and then Arya making it back. The Stark family is almost whole. I did not see that coming, and I enjoyed that.

Overall, the season finale and the season as a whole was a huge twist. Some aspects cannot be as “adventurous” as others — it is a TV show, and sometimes you need a little break. However, overall, GoT season 7 satisfied me.

Did it satisfy you too? Let us know in the comments? What did you think about GoT: S7?

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