Cilantro FTW!

Ten years ago, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog sang its way into our hearts. Now, we can finally find out what happens next! From Joss Whedon, with art by José Maria Beroy and Sara Soler comes Dr. Horrible: Best Friends Forever #0!

Best Foes Forever

Dr. Horrible: Best Friends Forever #0 picks up some time after the events of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Somehow, archnemeses Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer inexplicably become best friends. They head back to Dr. Horrible’s lair to find that the Doctor’s colleague, Hourglass, needs assistance. After accidentally leaving a breach in the timestream open, timeworms come after her and falsely accuse her of time traveling.

As the three begin to work on a plan, timeworms appear and attack, knocking out Dr. Horrible. After an enlightening dream sequence, Dr. Horrible sends the timeworms away with his Aversion to Cilantro ray. Before they can celebrate, Dr. Horrible accidentally crushes his ray that makes people like each other.

Consequently, they realize that the ray had made the two enemies become friends. With the illusion shattered, Captain Hammer runs off with Hourglass and Dr. Horrible returns to his not-so-evil life of evil. 

Ten Years Later

If you’re looking for an epic full-fledged sequel to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, this isn’t quite it. If, however, you’re looking for a fun and hilarious one-shot, this is definitely a comic for you. Not surprisingly, Whedon lands every joke, bringing back the humor of the original musical webseries. He also introduces a character mentioned briefly in the webseries, Hourglass.

Immediately, she’s smart and straight to the point, taking care of herself before getting down to business. Even though we don’t get that much time to get to know her, Hourglass quickly makes a lasting impression. In turn, she introduces a whole new realm of possibilities into the story with her ability to breach the timestream. Although Hourglass explains that time travel results in more timeworms, this thread leads the comic back to the webseries. Years go by, but when Captain Hammer brings up the idea of changing the past Dr. Horrible can’t help thinking of Penny.

Clearly, he still feels guilty about accidentally killing her. This becomes more pronounced in his dream sequence. In the sequence, Penny acts as Dr. Horrible’s subconscious, dismissing his time travel plan and pointing out that he and Captain Hammer should still be enemies. In a significant moment, he tells her to wake him up, which she does by confronting him with her death. Their dialogue suggests that she’s had to do this before. Perhaps he even tried to think of other ways to save her before this instance. Alas, none of his rays can bring Penny back, and Dr. Horrible continues to live with his remorse.

The Colorful World of Dr. Horrible: Best Friends Forever #0

Beroy and Soler do an excellent job bringing this world from screen to page. For example, I can easily recognize each character because they bear a strong resemblance to their real life counterparts. As for Hourglass, I really liked her design. Her dress is simple but glamorous, featuring the image of an hourglass that highlights her hourglass figure.

By contrast, her platinum blonde hair gives her a whimsical aura. Additionally, I enjoyed the design of the timeworms with their clock eyes and gears like hinges on their jaws. Their slender bodies and enormous teeth make them both elegant and terrifying.

Throughout the comic, they fill Dr. Horrible’s lab with quirky little details. My favorite detail comes at the end when we see Dr. Horrible wearing a Caring Hands t-shirt. This is the name of the homeless shelter that Penny worked for, emphasizing her presence even after her death.

Horribly Ever After

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog may have ended in tragedy, but Dr. Horrible: Best Friends Forever #0 makes you laugh. This one-shot is short and sweet, giving us a brief glimpse into a world where sworn enemies become best friends. Their friendship may be over for now, but nevertheless, it was fun while it lasted.

As the only official Dr. Horrible sequel, some fans may be left wanting more. Personally, I definitely would like to see more of the aftermath of the webseries. After reading this issue, I was also left wondering if Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer could ever be real friends. While I would love to see that sequel someday, this one-shot was still very well done and entertaining to read.

Dr. Horrible: Best Friends Forever by Joss Whedon, José Maria Beroy, and Sara Soler
Short and Sweet!
This one-shot is full of laughs! It serves up a delicious dessert after the emotional ending of the webseries. As the only official sequel, it leaves you wanting more. Nevertheless, it is certainly worth the read for all Dr. Horrible fans.
Cilantro FTW!