‘Forward Slash/Jobs’ Will Make You Feel Awkward… In a Good Way

If you are currently unemployed or have had some bad experiences when applying for jobs, British mockumentary Forward Slash/Jobs is here to make you feel better.

Based in Liverpool, Forward Slash/Jobs is an upcoming British mockumentary web series written, produced, and directed by Murphy Rhodes, and produced and directed by Jazz Jago. The series has used local cast and crew to help them make a name for themselves, and therefore have a higher level of passion on set.

Forward Slash/Jobs follows the work life of professional interviewer Joseph Pecker (Murphy Rhodes) in his average day on the job. Each episode examines a different, and often exaggerated, stereotypical interviewee; from a girl overcome with nerves to an intimidating possible ex-convict. The series also features the forced relationship between the building’s incompetent receptionist (Laura Cotter), and the infuriatingly lovable cleaner (James Kemp).

Forward Slash/Jobs: Producers Jazz Jago and Murphy Rhodes
Jazz Jago and Murphy Rhodes

What is the idea behind the series? The mockumentary takes inspiration from shows like The Office UK and Extras by fully embracing British humor, and taking it a step further. “I’ve always had a particular adoration for the mockumentary style,” says writer Murphy Rhodes. “I felt it was under-explored, and so, that’s what we did. We explored. And I’m excited to see the reaction when it’s released.”

Producer Jazz Jago adds: “People will enjoy Forward Slash/Jobs because of its witty writing and relatable characters. You will definitely recognize certain characters as people you’ve met in your own life.”

Forward Slash/Jobs will be releasing a trailer on May 13th on their website and Facebook page.

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