San Diego Comic Con brings about endless articles with tips for people attending the con, from survival packs to cosplay tips or hotel recommendations. However, there’s little to no attention to geeks who cannot attend the con for whatever reason. While following SDCC from home might not be as exciting as the real thing, there’s still a lot of ways to make the most of your experience. We tell you how!

The schedule: Planning, planning, planning!

As the largest comic convention in the world, San Diego Comic Con has a very broad schedule spanning over four days. Because of this, planning is key and customizing your schedule is probably the most important factor when following SDCC from home. While SDCC goers plan their schedules according to the events they are interested in attending, schedule planning is slightly different for those following the con from home. Sure, MARVEL panels will still be live-tweeted by everyone, recorded and covered all over the web, but some others panels like workshops or cosplay talks might be very hard to follow unless you’re physically there.

You can consult this year’s complete SDCC schedule hereSched allows users to select the events they’re most interested in to customize their own schedule. All you need to do is register, which is quick and free. After that, you can edit your profile (you can choose whether you want it to be public or private), create your own calendar and choose how you want to visualize it. Extra tip: considering printing the schedule a couple days before the convention starts so you can have it with you at all times and plan your activities accordingly.

Follow everything on social media

Social media is the best way to follow conventions live, and SDCC is no exception. We recommend Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. These are some of the hashtags you should be following, but you can add any variations: #sdcc, #sdcc2016, #comiccon, #comiccon2016, #hallh.

The accounts that you should be following are actually very related to your schedule. For example, the official accounts of your favorite shows and upcoming movies will be tweeting their participation in the con. Aside from those, we also recommend these accounts: Comic ConUnofficial SDCC Blog, sdccgotgirlNerdist, Geek and SundryParksAndConsMTV Fandom Awards@Crazy4ComicCon and @thenerdygirlie. We will also be covering SDCC non-stop on our Twitter account, so make sure to follow us there as well if you’re not already!

We recommend social media tools like TweetDeck or Hootsuite to coordinate all these accounts and hashtags as they allow you to create different tabs and lists for everything you want to follow. If you have never used any of these tools, make sure to download them a few days prior to the con to choose which one adapts best to you and to learn how to use them. Also, dual monitors or having more than one computer/screen will also help!

If you’re on Reddit, you can also subscribe to the Comic Con and SDCC subreddits. And, of course, don’t forget to download the official SDCC app!

Live-streaming is your best friend

Live-streaming is a particularly hot topic this year due to the addition of Comic-Con HQ and the mixed reactions it has arisen. Since this is the platform’s first time covering the event, we cannot recommend it or give you a definite review on it yet. You can create an account for 5$/month, with a free month trial to see if it convinces you.

Putting that aside, a live-stream that is always a guaranteed success is Nerd HQThe Nerd Machine‘s Conversations for A Cause with Zachary Levy. All the conversations will be live-streamed worldwide on The Nerd Machine TVIGNAMD and Facebook.

If you live in the US, you can also watch Conan’s interviews. HERE‘s the guest schedule for this year. And don’t forget to watch out for some Youtube channels like Flicks and the City, who upload entire panels a few ours after they take place.

Provisions: stay hydrated and well fed!

This part goes especially for those who are very dedicated to following SDCC to the last minute. Make sure you stay well-fed and have a few snacks with you. This might seem silly, but it’s easy to forget to eat or go straight for fast-food when you’re busy. If it’s energy you need, it’s better to eat refreshing fruit or protein bars than just empty carbs or energizing drinks that will make you crash soon after. And always have a bottle of water with you!

If you live in a different timezone and you need to adjust your sleeping schedule, remember to do it slowly to avoid migraines and such (talking from experience here…). You can also drink coffee or green tea to clear your mind and stay awake.

Oh, and don’t forget to go out for a walk sometime in the day for at least 30 minutes. Your back and legs will thank you!

#SDCCFromHome: Make it your own experience!

You might not be physically there being able to experience SDCC in all its glory, but we like to think there’s always an upside to every situation. Try to reach out to other people who are also following SDCC from home because, after all, there’s probably more people wishing they could be there than actual con goers.

Apply these tips and show us how you’re following SDCC from home by tweeting us your pics, memes and thoughts using the hashtag ! We will retweet all the tweets we get!