Captain Cold may be gone, but he’s not the only one with icy powers in town.


In ‘The New Rogues’, fans finally get a small glimpse of Caitlin Snow using her frosty abilities when the Mirror Master, another iconic comic villain who’s introduced this episode traps Barry within, well, a mirror. She discreetly freezes the surface when the team needs to ice the glass in a cold enough temperature to allow Barry to phase through. Fortunately, amidst the chaos, no one questions it when the mirror somehow frosts over completely. But as the end of the episode shows, it’s getting harder for her to conceal her powers. Are fans in for an Elsa-like scene? I simply can’t wait until Snow reveals her power, but will she stay the sweet Caitlin we know, or become Killer Frost?

Speaking of Earth-2, fan favorite Jesse Quick and Harry have not yet returned home, with Jesse still training her new powers. While almost as fast as Barry, he points out that she lacks precision and even adorably parrots what Oliver taught him. Even though she’s not quite ready for the field, viewers got to see the dynamic duo against Sam Scudder, the Mirror Master and his girlfriend Rosa, a metahuman who can inflict extreme vertigo by eye contact. Scudder, a huge rival of Snart in the underground world, attempts to retake the throne of crime in Central City before he and Rosa are confronted by the Flash and Jesse Quick. Their initial encounter results in Jesse falling off a skyscraper, and Barry being thrown into a mirror as he rushes to save her. Guilt- ridden, Jesse doubts herself and of course, Wally heads out to comfort her. Fans already know from previous episodes that they definitely have some chemistry, and that’s confirmed as they share a passionate kiss. Yikes! I wonder how Harry’s going to react. Yet, I find them a much cuter couple than Barry and Iris, who show again that there are still some hitches in their relationship. Joe seems as okay as a father can be when it comes to the two of them dating, so why does everything seem so awkward?

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode as it further explores the show’s relationships and is still adding suspense to Caitlin’s predicament. Not to mention, how we get to see Tom Cavanagh play yet ANOTHER Harrison Wells. Given that Harry and Jesse have problems on their own Earth to face, the team basically sends out an IQ test and request out to the multiverse for another genius Harrison Wells to join their team. The call’s answered by “HR” from Earth-19. He seems nice enough, but Tuesday’s promo shows that something’s not right- and no one can replace Earth-2 Harry. That’s it for this episode! But I’m still disappointed to see that Wally West isn’t a speedster…yet? When Jesse speeds Wally around the city, she’s amazed at how resilient he is to motion-sickness. Could this be a hint that KidFlash is to return? I know that lots of fans, including me, certainly hope so.