The Flash – The Sound and The Fury Review

And Wells’ deep, dark secret is officially revealed, well mostly. We still aren’t sure if he is out to kill Barry or what but we DO know he has super speed like Barry which makes him the Reverse Flash, we think lol. One of the best moments of the show was when he guided Flash on how to catch all three members of the Royal Flush Gang at once. Only someone who has moved as fast as Flash would know how to pull all that off. 

I really hope they don’t get rid of him at the end of the season because I love Tom Cavanaugh in this part and I really love Harrison. 

Aside from that long and artfully drawn out reveal which made me cheer at the sheer writing brilliance they have pulled of with Harrison this episode was filled with greatness. We had a sweet, new baddie of the week in Hartley aka Pied Piper, and it was good to see a bad guy using brains instead of brawns to achieve his ends. Admittedly the planning of Cold last episode wasn’t too shabby but Hartley’s game was and is much greater in scope, layers within layers. 

I really am liking the referencing of the Millienial generation in this show. We heard it last week when Barry moved home and this time it was Iris who mentioned it. Although the comic books have been around for decades it’s pretty obvious who they are trying to target TV wise with the references. The writers haven’t missed a bit with two male gay characters introduced in out of the way style either, Hartley and the cop a few episodes back. Flash is doing a great job of showcasing how sexual preference should be a non issue, just like race and gender. We’re all people, that’s what matters. 

 I wasn’t quite sure about Iris’s story line in this one, there didn’t seem to be much plot movement involved but I am sure they are setting up something with her new new job. It was nice to see Wells help her out at the press conference though. 

Joe and Barry still have some of the best chemistry in the show, it’s easy, natural and just tons of fun to watch. I’m already dreading when Barry finds out Joe is investigating Wells without telling him because that is going to be a heart wrenching scene. 

Hartley’s evil hint dropping about Firestorm at the end sets us up nicely for a roller coaster rest of the season. They’ve been hinting around it enough so I am excited to see how they work him in along with what is going on with Wells. Now that they know they have season 2 in hand it gives the writer’s plenty of time to flesh out story arcs for all these characters and I am giddy thinking about what they will be showing us. 

Flash and Supernatural are definitely my top two shows to watch every week. Tonight is Arrow and we get to see more of how Team Arrow is pulling together to work through Oliver missing in action. Thanks for reading!