The Flash – ‘Revenge of The Rogues’ – Villains Don’t Always Need Powers

Hello all! As you know I watch Supernatural, Arrow and The Flash and I would have to say that of the three the dialogue in The Flash is consistently top notch, rapid fire and delivered completely on point with Supernatural being the only real competition. There are times in Supernatural some things seem a little off but so far in The Flash the conversations between all the characters are always engaging, hysterical when they need to be and perfectly performed. 

‘Revenge of The Rogues’ brings back Wentworth Miller’s wonderful portrayal of Leonard Snart and he’s brought a friend who likes to play with fire. Between the two they are trying to take out Barry so Central City can become their playground. Although this episode didn’t seem to set too much up for the next episode other than the mysterious introduction to Leonard’s sister, who I am thrilled to see, a hint about another bad guy; the rich couple’s son who they don’t talk to and a tease about Firestorm’s origins it did address a few things.

The first being Barry’s and Iris’s relationship which is in that awkward phase of Iris knowing too much about how Barry feels and not sure what to do about it. I love the chemistry and interaction between these two. It feels totally natural and believable and the way they went from besties to uneasy around each other has been handled well. By the end of the episode Barry lets her know that he wants to go back to being best friends and she seems to agree but how they pull that off remains to be seen.

Barry and Joe, another stunning example of excellent acting and casting have several great moments especially at the end when Barry decides to move back in. What I love about this show is how they give plenty of opportunities for Barry to use his power in mundane ways, from cleaning up boxes to reading an 800 pg article, these little moments are fun and make the world feel more grounded. Why wouldn’t you use super speed to do chores? It makes sense.

My favorite enigma, Dr. Wells, didn’t have any more reveals and his motives are still murky, which I love. I was a little disappointed about the kidnapping of Caitlin to get Flash to come to Snart and Mick but she’s an easy target so it makes sense on a criminal intent level. The fight scene with the fire and cold gun was top notch as usual. It, along with the opening scene of Barry and the drones where he figured out a way to attack with his powers instead of just defend or run did a great job of showcasing his development as a superhero. 

All in all, a solid episode and I am looking forward to seeing what they do with Snart’s sister and Reverse Flash!