Flash! Plastique Review. Don’t hurt Cisco’s tech, ever

Whew!! Long day for me but I am back for round three of covering all things superpowered: whether it be goddesses, musicals, hunters or metahumans. Let’s hit the ground or rather water running. 

We saw Barry running vertically and across water, he’s learning rapidly it seems. I love how they are taking us through the evolution of Flash’s skills. It’s fun to watch him grow into his powers. 

We finally meet a meta human other than Barry who’s not gone bad as soon as they realized what they could do, which was a new dynamic to the show and allowed Dr. Wells to get even more enigmatic. Plus it gave us a flashback to Wells before the accident and Grood! Gotta have more Grood 🙂

To me the theme of this episode was definitely Iris and Barry. We knew this was going to come to a head eventually, her blogging and his secret. We see the first sacrifice Barry has to make as a vigilante, the distance he is forced to put between the two of them. Grant Gustin doesn’t 1-05-Plastique-Promotional-Photos-the-flash-cw-37731080-800-545disappoint in the emotional requirements of the ending scenes and neither does Candice Patton. She’s been a delight to watch and the chemistry between the two has been captivating. The last scene where she’s in tears at her laptop and her father walks in really caught my eye. They’ve both made choices and she’s not buying Barry’s story but isn’t willing to back down from what she deems is important. It’s a culmination of the series so far of placing barriers between them, her boyfriend, and now this. As we have already seen in the trailer for next week, she’s going to learn rather quickly the consequences of blogging about vigilantes.

Cicso and Caitlin, love them! Cicso’s whole scene when Barry shows back up suitless was an IT guy to a T. Do not mess with IT, just don’t!  Caitlin’s throwaway line about sounding like Felicity was hysterical as was the fact that she carries blood collection kits in her purse.the-flash-plastique-110899  Danielle and Carlos have way too much fun with these characters and it shines through on screen. I did love Catilin’s comment about the good company Barry is in now that he can run on water, well played writers. 

I wish they would have kept Plastique around a bit longer and she became sort of a borderline good/evil character but it seems that the writers are more intent on building the mystery of Wells as much as possible and keeping it to a metahuman a week set up. It’s definitely a very different feel than Arrow’s first season but I have a feeling that has to do with DC opening their character vaults up to Flash much faster than they did with Arrow.

I think both approaches have merit although I am starting to wonder if Wells is truly the big bad of Flash which is why they haven’t really introduced an overarching bad guy just yet. It’s early though and the pacing keeps us flying by the seat of our pants, but then again it’s Flash. Things should feel like they are moving faster than a speeding bullet. 

All in all a great set up episode to what looks to be an intense next week! 


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