Flash: The Man In The Yellow Suit – Review

So…Wells is a time traveler along with being the Reverse Flash,  I think. Which makes no sense since Wells was in the room with Reverse Flash. Is there a paradox in play? An automated version of Reverse Flash? How was Wells controlling it? TOO MANY QUESTIONS!! 

For sheer mystery and excellence of writing the mysterious Dr. Wells is winning hands down! 

Enough of that for now. Let’s talk feelings shall we? 

Iris and Barry, Caitlin and Ronnie, (by the way, why must we put the Amell boys in such HORRIBLE WIGS), Jesse L Martin killed it when he had that intense talk with Barry, Wells and Caitlin, Cisco and Caitlin, Barry and his Dad, the whole episode was rife with heart string tugging.

To start: Barry finally tells Iris he loves her. I enjoyed the fact that she didn’t reply, that we just watched her take it in. The talk Barry and his Dad had was so wonderful, how his Dad told him to move on and finally live and it dawns on Barry that he truly has been living in fear for so long. I had wondered why every flashback to young Barry dealt with him and fear, now we know why. I was glad he truly got that out in the open and from the hints about Arrow’s ep tonight there may be a parallel there. Even though Felicity and Oliver know what their feelings are it seems that it may get revisited again. There are so many layers with these two characters and the actors always turn in such captivating performance that you keep wanting more time with them.

Caitlin and Ronnie: Danielle Panabaker turned in a tour de force performance in her scene with Cisco. We’ve all had the same question when we’ve lost someone close and to see her deal with the realization that perhaps Ronnie would be better off dead that what he has become was agonizing to say the least. I am looking forward to seeing more of Ronnie and once again major props to the visual effects people with Firestorm. Although Ronnie didn’t have many lines Robbie Amell made sure every word he had counted.

Joe and Barry – Grant and Jesse have time and time again given us such thoughtful and mesmerizing performances but this ep took us to a whole other level. When Joe talks to Barry about how Barry moving in brought light and joy into his and Iris’s life, we are stunned at the depth of feeling coming from this man. Barry’s reactions as he tries to accept what Joe is saying even though he is filled with such anger at that moment for failing to catch the Reverse Flash make you want to stand next to him and comfort him, tell him it will all work out.

Flash is quickly becoming my second favorite show after Supernatural and right above Arrow. I love Arrow, I do, but I am finding myself more drawn to the characters in Flash. This is not to say that Oliver and the Starling City Crew aren’t wonderful actors and the writing there is amazing as well but I definitely empathize more with Flash and everyone in his world. I like the family dynamic between Joe and Barry, the partnership between Caitlin and Cisco and the enigmatic and downright frustrating mystery of Harrison Wells. 

Another great Flash ep in the books, tonight is Arrow. Then a long break during which I will probably write another novel. 

Looking forward to the livetweets on Arrow tonight and watching it tomorrow!