The Flash – Going Rogue -Season 1 Ep 4 Review

CW and spcaptcoldecial effects!! Amazing! I remember when I started watching Arrow and my first thought was, “This looks just like a movie!” yet Flash has taken all that to whole other level. I find myself going, “DAMN! That looks so amazing!” every episode of The Flash. I’ll get into that  later.

As this is my first review of The Flash, I just want to say that when I first saw Jesse L Martin as Detective West, walk on screen it felt like I was coming home. I’ve watched a fair amount of Law and Order and seeing him immediately let me know that this was going to be a show worth watching. He never disappoints. Now to the show.

This felt like a prep episode for the huge crossover event between Flash and Arrow that we know is coming up in four more episodes. Felicity did an excellent job laying the ground work of having Oliver in Central City and provides a great bridge for both shows. Emily Bett, quirky and adorable as always, brought a great dynamic to The Flash world and it was nice to see her among “her people”, fellow intellectuals that get her. It was also nice to see her outstrip them all when it came to hacking. That’s our girl!

This episode challenged Barry in new ways, he deals with failing and the fall out of that,, being forced to watch someone die. Felicity, having been with Oliver for two years now, is the perfect person to help him deal with and work through it. I also liked the fact that Cisco built the weapon that now belongs to an enemy and that he kept it a secret. It shows that even beyond the enigmatic figure of Wells, there is some issues for Team Flash that they are still working on. I loved Felicity’s comment that it took more than watching Oliver do the salmon ladder for her to trust him. Thanks for the reminder Felicity! :), many Season 1 Arrow images came up at that line.

Barry and Felicity’s flicker of interest in each other that appeared in Arrow came back with a vengeance. It’s nice to see that she has options and is pursuing a life beyond the Arrow Cave. The kiss at the end was perfect, promising but not over done.  It seems like Emily Bett has the acting talent to spark charisma with any male character she’s paired with,  that is a rare gift and fun to watch.

Iris, her father and Eddie start coming to terms with Iris’s and Eddie’s relationship. I have loved the Iris character since day one and we have all had to deal with friendships that perhaps we wished were more. The writer’s handled that situation well, using it to help Barry and Felicity find common ground in the closing scenes. They both want people they can’t have but the realization that they are perfect for each other is giving them a way to move past those feelings.

Now to the bad guys, Wentworth Miller made a chilling (yeah, ok I had to) Leonard Snart/Captain Cold and I loved how he found Cisco’s nickname for him amusing. Of all the enemies on the show so far I think I have liked him the best, because he is a career criminal and is the first one to really figure out how to stop The Flash. The teaser of the new bad guy at the end definitely intrigued me.

The writers have been doing an excellent job teasing who Harrison is. When he confronts Cisco about the cold gun, you see a rage that he hasn’t really shown before. It makes you wonder just what exactly he knows and how much of Barry’s path is he trying to control. Tom Cavanagh has done amazing work slowly pulling back bits of Harrison, revealing slight layers and nuances in his performance that keep you wondering and waiting for more.

Now to the shiny bits. THE TRAIN SEQUENCE!! OMG!! Watching how they made Flash bounce off the walls to rescue people was something I don’t think you’ve ever really seen on TV. CW is pulling out the stops and really allowing the comic book world to come to life on the small screen. I was amazed with the running effect when the show first started but how the effects have stayed consistently top notch is impressive. The opening scene with the armored car and how they are using slow motion and CGI effects is also mind blowing for a TV production. CW seems intent on doing justice to the comic book look and feel and I think that is one of the reasons Flash is doing so well.

Looking forward to next week!!