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In a way I’ll be happy when Flash and Supernatural air on different nights because there’s only so many emotions I should have to feel in two hours. This week wasn’t too bad since Supernatural was a more relaxed episode but some of these weeks have been tough.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the writing on Flash continues to be impeccable. We got so much in an hour this episode, teases about Firestorm, Cisco got to kick some ass, we got to hear Grant sing (which was phenomenal, I never watched Glee so I didn’t know how good he was. Can we get vids of him and Jensen singing together at some point?), Caitlin got to let her hair down so to speak and two really heart rending scenes with Barry and his Dad. We even got a hint of jealousy from Iris. Maybe you should have made a different choice hmm?

Let’s start at the end which I think was the pivotal moment of the whole episode where Dad (aka The Flash from the 1990-91 TV show) let’s Barry know he knows his secret and praises him for it. Barry didn’t really think it through that busting out the guy who beat up his Dad right after his Dad informed him who it was may make some people start putting two and two together. What I loved about the scene was how simple it was. Often times secret identity reveals are in the midst of a huge emotional scene or right after a fight scene. This one had neither of those elements, they were joking right before hand about Barry’s date then his Dad sneaks it in. Barry’s denial was pitched just right, not quite believable because it’s his Dad he is talking to and he knows he’ll see right through it. They played the “hypothetical” game perfectly and Barry’s unshed tears when his Dad said he was proud of him really pulled you into the moment.

I thought the juxtaposition of Barry pulling away from Iris while getting the first face to face moments with his Dad in years was a great choice as well. It really highlighted the relationship between the father and son and showed another type of growth for Barry as a person. Giving up on a childhood crush is difficult and getting the support from his father about his secret pushes him more towards adulthood and away from the childhood dreams of being with Iris. It was fun to watch he and Caitlin work through their individual pain together outside of STAR labs.

Speaking of STAR Labs, Cisco’s got some moves! Nice to see some fight scenes from someone other than Barry and neither Hartley or Cisco pulled any punches. I thought Caitlin’s acceptance of Cisco freeing Hartley was a little too easy but that’s only a minor gripe for the episode. Besides, this episode had a teleporter and I love teleporters.

Peek-a-Boo was a fun character, although I think they could work on convincing her to work with them in the future and I hope she returns again. The fight/chase scenes between Flash and her were a visual feast and the special effects dept deserves a ton of praise and they topped it off with the first actual peek of Grodd (DUH DUH DUUUUUH). Been waiting for that.

While this episode didn’t push any already established major story lines forward what it did was gives us a wonderful hour of character development. We see Flash adapting his speed in new ways (catching bullets, breaking the lights etc), a wonderful father/son moment and more hints about Firestorm. The writers for this show seem to be all about slow, methodical reveals of villains and I adore every moment of it.

Looking forward to next week!


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