The Flash Is Born: Mysteries Addressed and Super Sonic Punches

Cisco and his desire for sonic booms, so precious.

Another great episode of The Flash in the books. Humor, drama, plot thickening, a new meta human and he finally gets his name. They are firing on all cylinders on that set. Once again, I just have to swoon over the special effects. Those slow motion Flash moments are just a visual thrill. 

Anyway, enough geeking out on that. Let’s chat Iris and Barry first. Their break from each other didn’t last all that long. They are introducing a pretty standard superhero story line of girl crushing on the superhero and friendzoning the person who is the superhero, but, I have to admit they are doing a great job of not making it feel overly trite and tired. I loved the scene where Joe and young Iris and Barry are sparring and Iris knocks Barry to the ground. By showing us more about Iris and Barry’s history as a vehicle to bring them back together in current time and help Barry deal with a childhood bully who’s still stronger than him, the writers make the ending scene of Barry accepting Iris’s Streak obsession seem logical. All the “Flash” backs (I had to all right?) were so touching. The child actors are amazing and do a great job bringing their characters to life. The nod back to the Arrow crossover where Arrow dubs him the Flash was a nice way to keep the two shows tied together in preparation for the crossover that can’t come fast enough. 

When Barry says “a Flash,” and Iris’s face lights up with the thought of calling him that the look on Barry’s face was priceless; not only was he happy to get out from under that “Streak” name but you can picture him thanking Oliver, again, for helping him through his transition. He knows Felicity is probably monitoring Iris’s blog and will mention it to Oliver. It was really touching. However, that’s the end of the episode, let’s go back, shall we. 

We start with Barry trying, yet again to get Iris to stop writing, which of course fails horribly. Then we hear sirens and off we go to a car chase and Barry getting outmatched by the meta human of the day. It’s always annoying when you punch people that can turn their skin into iron, just ruins your entire night. I like how they explain how the accident molds these meta humans, Plastique had shrapnel in her, the poison gas meta human was in the gas chamber about to be executed and this one had just fallen into a vat of molten iron when the accident occurred. It’s neat to hear all the origin stories. 

They find out that said meta human was Barry’s childhood nemesis and we get to where the build up with Iris’s blog has been going, her obsession has put her in danger. As has happened in every Flash episode so far, the meta human of the night brings up a chance for Barry to learn new ways to turn speed into a weapon, hence the Super Sonic Punch. Taking a moment here to fangirl about Arrow, last week we got the Boxing Glove arrow, this week on Flash we got the Super Sonic Punch. It’s almost like they’re planning something with introducing all these iconic parts of the comic character’s Arsenal (wink).  Hmmm, I wonder what that could be? 

At any rate, one of the best parts of the night was when Iris knocks out the bully for good after Barry renders him temporarily out of the fight. I love me a female that can deliver a great cross to the face. You go girl!! 

One more thing before we get into Harrison, the hint of Firestorm aka Robbie Amell (YES!! AMELLSDAYS RETURNS) was well placed. I have been chomping at the bit to see Robbie back on CW and see just what exactly he’s become since the accident. SO STOKED!!

Now let’s talk about mystery man, Harrison Wells. Joe’s been spending every available moment working on the case of Barry’s Mom’s death and finally goes to talk to the man who’s responsible for the impossible. Here’s where things get interesting. Harrison denies of course and drops hints of a prior tragedy, his research assistant’s death before he moved to Central City. Then we get the momentous scene where the yellow and red streak steals all of Joe’s files literally from in front of him and threatens Iris. So, Harrison? Or someone Harrison knows or someone else entirely? The timing is going to send Joe right back to Harrison’s door so things are going to heat up on that front as well.  

This episode was flawless in what it needed to do to move the story forward. Next week is one week closer to crossover week. I just wish time would go as fast as Barry can.