I am just going to get this out of the way. When they finally reveal exactly what is going on with Wells I am going to jump out of my chair with joy. Harrison is the most layered, sneaky, enigmatic character I have watched in some time. I love the fact that we don’t know if he is watching out for Barry, setting Barry up or just what the hell he is doing. I’ll grant that the comic book devotees may have more of a clue than I do but I am enjoying the mystery. 

So, another Tuesday, another meta human- Blackout – as Cisco dubs him was a rather interesting character. Electrical controllers are always fun to watch and when I played City of Heroes back in the day they were fun to play as well. Blackout served a few purposes for the story, he ended up making Barry stronger, forced Wells to show his hand probably much sooner than he wanted to by freeing Tony/Girder and standing while doing it. If Tony had lived, the possible story arcs for Tony telling Barry about Wells would have been intriguing to watch. I rather enjoyed the crossover appearance of the Clock King in Central City, another tease to get us prepped for next week’s crossover event. (OMG!! CAN’T WAIT!! WHY IS IT NOT HERE YET?)

Let’s talk episode. We start with Barry acting like a little kid with a new toy, helping out the barista, getting excited about getting mugged, in essence, showing off. The narration of Wells into his diary was a nice new twist for providing expository while not boring the audience. As so often happens, pride goeth before the fall. Barry spends most of this episode realizing how much he has come to not only rely on his powers to save people but how much the ability to do that means to him. When Caitlin explains to him that the biology is not lacking, but that it is mental and he pushes himself in the end to save everyone we see Barry mature. He’s realizing that this is not a game which, as we’ve already seen in the crossover trailer, is the mood of Team Flash in contrast to Team Arrow. Team Flash hasn’t suffered any serious losses yet so Starling City will be quite the awakening for them. 

I think the best performance of the episode acting wise was turned in by Jesse L. Martin, who plays Joe. Last episode he saw what Barry has been telling him for years existed and Iris was threatened, in this episode we saw the ramifications of that. During the hostage crisis scene where he was near tears trying to keep the Clock King from taking Iris, his reaction to the shot being fired, how he and Eddie communicated, all of it, kept my eyes glued on him the entire time. It was a great performance and shows his years of experience of being on shows like Law and Order. 

One of the smile worthy parts was at the end, when Flash apologizes to Iris for letting her down and then we see Grant’s smile when Iris walks back into Eddie’s room. He knows Iris, deep down, loves Flash and that smile basically said “Yes!” It was hinted at the screening of the crossover by Grant that he tells Iris something important soon, we shall see if Barry has better luck with revealing his secrets, whether it be feelings or identities, to the woman he loves then Arrow did.

The icing on the cake to me was how Wells reverses his opinion of Barry caring for people. At the beginning he sees it as a hindrance, at the end he sees it as what drives Barry to be Flash and want to do better. Wells’s concern about the future being safe gives us more things to ponder but for now, his acceptance of Barry’s personality and driving force was touching. Wells  stating to Barry that he cares about him seems genuine as was the look of horror when he checked the future after Blackout took Barry’s power away and found no reference to the Flash or Barry. Whatever Wells is up to, Barry is obviously the key. Each episode of the Flash I find myself always yelling at the screen, “What the hell is up with Wells?” in the best way possible. 

I will close with that which continues to astound me on Flash. The special effects, Girder in pure metal form, the lighting, Barry and the slow mo.  The effects are dead on and keep me wanting to see what they come up with next! 

CROSSOVER NEXT WEEK!! I will be collecting all the tweets from the live tweeting the casts are doing and saving them for posterity. If you get too caught up in the show to watch twitter, don’t stress it. I’ve got you covered!  Kat