Running In The Right Direction Of Flash #52

In recent issues of The Flash, Flash #52, Barry has been forced to overcome many obstacles in his life. After a city-wide battle with Gorilla Grodd, losing his powers for a short time, and having to deal with family issues, Barry now faces a new problem. During Flash War, Barry and Wally broke the speed force which leads to the discovery of new Forces in the universe.

Along with the Speed force, now there is a Strength Force, Sage Force, and Still Force. In Flash #52, Barry must find out what these Forces are and what are they are capable of doing. To add more to this problem, Barry must also help get Commander Cold back to the 31st century. As Flash #52 doesn’t solve all the Flashes problems, it does set up a very interesting arc.

The Premise Of Flash #52

Flash #52 begins with the Flash holding a massive meeting with Flashes from across the multiverse. He informs everyone that he is dealing with new forces unleashed on his earth. Hence, he is asking them for help and if anyone has dealt with this issue before on their earth.

They unanimously tell him they have not dealt with anything like this. Moreover, they see the emergence of these new forces is completely unheard of. After the meeting, Barry figures out that he is on his own to solve this problem. At this time there is a meeting happening in Central City between the Trickster and Central City Police.

Credit: DC Comics Publications, Flash #52

The police are interrogating the Trickster on the abuse he injured in Iron Heights prison. Just as he is about to reveal what occurred, two villains fly in and grab the trickster calling themselves “Para-Angels.” The Flash suddenly appears to save the Trickster from these individuals, until Commander Cold appears to help Barry but actually only distracts him.

Dealing with each other over hero ethics they lose the Trickster. As they later hunt for Trickster, they find out the hard way that he is not the same villain he was.

A Short List Of Questions…

Inside this issue, there are a few areas that may confuse some readers if they have not read all of Joshua Williamson’s run on this series. There are questions that appear that new readers may want answers to.

Flash #52
Credit: DC Comics Publications, Flash #52

Such as what happened with the Trickster at Iron Heights? Why is Barry at Iron Heights? what is his co-worker Kristen Kramer talking about? These developments actually occurred in between bigger stories. Since it would be hard to go back and find what happened here and there, I have made a short list of important issues.

The comics may recap some of these events soon though. As new fans may be in the dark so is Barry. There is a panel in this book where Barry is confused on what is going on with Kirsten Kramer. With Barry wanting always wanting answers there will probably be an explanation for what is happening at some point.

A Multiverse In Flash #52

Credit: DC Comics Publications, Flash #52

This issue has wonderful cameos from all across the multiverse. Fans get to see almost every flash ever created in one splash page. It is wonderful to see that the multiverse is still well even after the events of Rebirth. During this moment it became very interesting that the events that happened on Barry’s earth haven’t occurred on any other earth.

In the same way, it was fascinating that the three speedsters Earth 18 Kid Flash, Earth 19 Accelerated Man, and Earth negative-C Crash the Turtle, all knew how Barry could find his all his answers. They all tell him to take a risk and take a speed force journey.  Could these speedsters know something Barry doesn’t?  Hopefully, if they come back more answers would be revealed. Plus, everyone wants to see more Crash the Turtle.

Flash #52 Final Thoughts

Flash issue #52 was a step in the right direction for this series. As this run has been a wild ride, it’s great for this comic to get back to normal after that horrible issue prior. Although the story was set up, it set up this new arc very well. The main highlight from this issue was seeing so many Flashes at once. With events like Rebirth, Metal and Flash War there has been barely any scenes of the multiverse and the characters within them.

I was relieved that they are all up and running and these characters were okay. The multiverse is apart of the Flash like the speed force, you can’t have one without the other.

An Aftermath To Pass On In Flash #51

I am very glad as well that this issue is going back to prior events. Instead of just skipping over past situations and moving forward, this story is moving forward with these past matters. It is also a breath of fresh air that this issue is focusing mostly on one villain that has barely used in the series.

The trickster I believe had one solo arc in the New 52, but since then has been a side character with the rouges. It’s great that this character looks like he’s getting the limelight he deserves. If you are looking for a new great story to jump on after the recent big events start with Flash #52.

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