If you haven’t watched Game of Thrones season 8, Turn Away Now.

Are the Unspoiled Gone? Good.

If you are reading this article, you probably thought that season 8 of the acclaimed, highly rated TV series Game of Thrones, based on the book series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, was, uh, underwhelming to say the least.

Daenerys Targaryen overlooks her army.
Ah yes, that epic shot where the “Unbreaker of Chains” just became another metaphor for…Hitler? (Game of Thrones/HBO)

There are multiple reasons to dislike the eighth season of Game of Thrones. Many, many articles have gone into depth about all the reasons to dislike it. We are not going to do that here. No, this article accepts the premise that the end of this epic show was just bad. Here are some fan works that take either a critical or a fix-it perspective to the end.

Some Humorous Approaches To The End Of Westeros

Popular YouTuber Lindsay Ellis took a critical eye for Game of Thrones season 8 in her new YouTube video “We Need to Talk About Game of Thrones I Guess.” The video also looks at critiques of the entire season. The video ends up being a treatise on how we got here, to the end of all things.

Yes, that is the thumbnail image she chose. (Lindsay Ellis)

At the end of the video, Ellis reveals that this will be at least a two-parter. If you haven’t watched her three-parter on The Hobbit trilogy, do it! It will more than hold you over until the second part of this series is released. Honest Trailers, of course, also did a final wrap-up on Game of Thrones, which, after their first two “volumes” parodying the phenomenon, probably came as no surprise.

Oh, Night King…you were gone too soon. (Screen Junkies)

Game of Thrones season 8 will probably be rich material for humorous takedowns until the end of time, but Ellis’s wit and Honest Trailer’s penchant for goofy nicknames will probably go down as some of the best.

That Time A Bunch Of College Students Wrote A Game of Thrones Season 8 Before The Final Season Even Came Out

Boston University had an amazing class in Spring 2017 based around writing a prospective season 8 for Game of Thrones. And I’m not just saying it was amazing because it seems like an amazing feat — I’m saying that because, a full disclaimer for what follows, I was there. I co-wrote one of the episodes with an amazing writer, Emily Raymond, and I even acted in the live reading of the six episodes (we only had so much time in a semester). Check them out below. You can also read the scripts (annotated!) at the GoT VFS (Game of Thrones: The Virtual Final Season) website.

The first three episodes…(BUTV10)
The final three episodes…(BUTV10)

And Finally, Some (Short) Fanfiction That Tries To Fix Game Of Thrones Season 8

Here are some short fanfictions, because y’all in the Game of Thrones fandom write long, prolific stories. Which is good, trust me…stretching those writing muscles is great! However, when you want to read a short story on the bus or train…it needs to be short. Here are a few. (They can all be found on Archive of Our Own, commonly known as Ao3.)

Arya & Gendry: The Relationship Gone Too Soon

“the wolves will rise again” by wildpath3102

Arya Stark and Gendry Waters exchange pointers.
He gave her a cool weapon and that’s cool. (Game of Thrones/HBO)

I think this tag, which is one of the best Ao3 tags of all time, says it best:

“listen you don’t get Tully fertility and the Baratheon seed and expect nothing.”

Regardless of your opinion on Arya having sex with Gendry in season 8 (yay! ew! we grew up with her!), you have to admit that Arya getting pregnant was at least a possibility (one the showrunners didn’t go with, probably because Arya “just forgot” she had a uterus).

This fanfic explores the aftermath of the destruction of King’s Landing, and the traumatic effect it would have had on Arya, who was placed right in the middle of it. Personally, it fixes the…odd conclusion of the Arya/Gendry relationship, as well as Arya leaving her family behind, when the whole point of her arc up until that point was to stay with her pack…again, in my opinion.

Daenerys Should’ve Won The Game of Thrones

Daenerys Targaryen leads her fleet towards Westeros.
She. Deserved. Better. (Game of Thrones/HBO)

“When Lightning Strikes the Forest” by magicmoon111

Again, the writer of this fic says it best: “…Daenerys is not supposed to be Hitler, she’s supposed to be Napoleon.” The writer clearly understands the politics behind Westeros, a thread/theme the creators seemingly…forgot. They also understand the mindset Dany possesses, which, again, the creators…seemingly forgot. This is a woman who has been sold into sexual slavery, who conquered her slavers and eliminated her abusive brother, who wants to “break the wheel”. Yes, Targaryens are known for their “madness,” but if that’s true, what of Jon? Shouldn’t he go mad, too?

This fic might be the most badass sounding Dany out there.

We salute you, ma’am, and we miss you.

Sometimes OCs Are A Good Idea

Daenerys Targaryen mourns the loss of Missandei in Game of Thrones Season 8.
All she needed was someone to fix her hair… (Game of Thrones/HBO)

“confrontations” by daenaera

Women are queens! Women supporting women! I won’t say much, but the addition of a badly needed OC helps Dany out of her depression after Missandei’s tragic, totally not telegraphed death.

Alternate Universes Are An Essential Part Of Fixing Any Canon

Rey from Star Wars looks at Sansa Stark.
Rey and Sansa Stark, together at last! (Star Wars/Disney)

“begin again” by miss_honey

Sansa Stark crash lands on Jakku and meets Rey and they are immediately very lesbian towards each other.

Hey, if D&D really do team-up to write a Star Wars trilogy, can I at least have Sophie Turner and Daisy Ridley teaming up?

Brienne Of Tarth Deserved Better

Ser Jaime Lannister makes Ser Brienne of Tarth official, finally in the best moment of Game of Thrones season 8.
He knighted her, bedded her and then…just straight up abandoned her?? (Game of Thrones/HBO)

“The Letter” by Moonbeam (luvsbitca)

Again, Jaime Lannister just “forgot” his redemption arc…this fic fixes that. Sure, a well-timed letter is kind of a cliche, but a needed one, here. Yes, Jaime was so often drawn to Cersei that it was uncomfortable (as incest always is, Game of Thrones fandom). But he and Brienne bonded over their mutual fight as soldiers. He knighted her as a Ser, after all. There was a strong bond there…and it’s hard to believe Jaime forgot about it in the end.

Well, Actually: They (The Characters) And We (The Fandom) Deserved So Much Better Than Game Of Thrones Season 8

Arya Stark sails West of Westeros at the end of Game of Thrones season 8.
We’re all Arya now…sailing into the great unknown. (Game of Thrones/HBO)

Regardless of your “feels” about Game of Thrones season 8 (personally, I hope it lives on in infamy), you have to admit that the fandom has done a grand job of pulling things back together. Maybe GRRM will fix it all by suddenly releasing the final books…or maybe, in the end, this fandom is all we’ve got.